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kamut pasta – makes you horny?

24 Oct

When I received a press release about Kamut pasta – I knew right away that I had to try it. Firstly as a member of slimming world (a terrible member who needs to follow the rules better!) I welcome carbs if matched with the right vegetables, so pasta is always a great choice for me. Secondly the brand have made grand claims about the health benefits, and more surprisingly it has been labelled a powerful aphrodisiac.

To give you a little history on the product, Kamut Pasta is made from Kamut Khorasan which when translated from ancient Egyptian – where the grain originated
from – means “wheat”. This ancient wheat grain has never been genetically modified so it is as pure and healthy as it was when it was first grown over 2000 thousand years ago.

Now back to the fun bit – an aphrodisiac! Due to its high level of protein and mix of minerals Kamut Pasta is said to (in layman’s terms) make people horny. Now, I am not so sure that either myself or my boyfriend need any help in that department but still it seemed like a fun thing to try!

A very unsuspecting box!

Over a week we cooked the conchiglie with courgettes and tomato, the spaghetti with quorn tomato and garlic, made a pasta pesto and pasta salad for lunch. Kamut looks a little different (less starchy) but in fact tastes great. I also think that normal white pasta can make you feel bloated whereas this didn’t. Now, the side effects! Did it make us more horny? The answer is – who the hell knows! Having come back from a holiday we were probably a little more loved up than usual anyway, plus if you eat something that has a claim as such you will probably find sex on your mind more anyhow! Still definitely a fun experiment 🙂

This pasta is available in Ocado and Wholefoods Markets at around £2.99 for a 500g bag. (Actually not too pricey, surprisingly!)

Verdict: 8/10


Dry January

24 Jan

I was a little sceptical about having a ‘dry January’ given that my subconscious is always a contrary force within me – and tends to do the opposite of my actual plans. When I’m on a diet I find myself wondering what donuts dipped in Nutella would taste like, dream of greasy fries covered in melted cheese, and wander towards the snack aisle in every supermarket I walk into. In fact on a diet I crave foods that I wouldn’t even allow myself on a normal day! So understand my concern, to ban alcohol – would I just drink everything in sight?

Well…I failed at dry January, but fortunately did not become a raging alcoholic! I found nights out the trickiest – trust me the number of after work drinkers in my local indicated a big that dry January is still a foreign concept to most! However nights in were easy. Instead of my weekend wine, I treated myself to camomile tea with honey, lots of water and made sure to drink with ice so that it didn’t feel too boring. I was still missing however that little something to spoil myself with when I get back from work on a Friday. I decided to try out the new ‘mocktail’ fad. The best range that I tested was the Funkin range. I tested three very different flavours:

Funkin Funkin Brazilian, a tropical blend of mangoes, passion fruit and oranges with Amazonian Guarana, the ‘super seed’, which contains twice the energy of coffee beans, giving you a delicious natural energy kick.
Verdict: 7/10 I loved the fruity flavour, but this drink did cry out for a shot of vodka! I would certainly indulge by adding my own spirits after January is over.

Funkin Strawberry Daiquiri: Interestingly, a flavour recently voted one of the UK’s favourite cocktails
Verdict: 10/10 this mocktail does not need anything else added, it is truly delicious in itself. Imagine a better, fresher, pulpier and fruiter grown-up version of a Ribena strawberry drink. It is very moreish…

Funkin Mojito, made with Persian limes blended for a sharp, refreshing taste.
Verdict: 8/10 this drink completely captured the essence of a London cocktail bar mojito flavour. I have tried pre-made mojitos in the past that have had a nasty false mint flavour to them and did not taste like the real product at all, and this drink has restored my faith in a mojito in a bottle! This would have been a 10 except I made the mistake of looking at the calorie content on the back of the carton…My advice, top up with plenty of ice and dance those calories off!

These mocktails are available from £2.99 each nationwide at Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Co-op, Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Majestic Wine, Harrods, Ocado, Amazon, DrinkShop.com and at www.funkin.co.uk

Yum! Yum!


For the cider lovers
Why not try Kopparberg’s Alcohol Free cider range, fruity and refreshing. Summer BBQ’s and winter dinner parties are much more fun with something sparkling to sip, and this provides a much healthier option.

Verdict: a juicy 8/10

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