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Pinch those Pennies as Sweet Sundays is back!

5 Jul

Love cinema?
Love sweets?

Well I would certainly recommend sweet sundays. The concept behind it is that if you collect 4 sweet packets (from popular sharing bags such as minstrels, revels, m&ms, maltesers and milkyway stars) you can then log onto www.sweetsundays.co.uk and claim a free cinema ticket to use on a Sunday. Look up availability but cinemas include Cineworld, Showcase, Movie House, Scott, Merlin, Reel, Savoy, WTW, G1 Group and Plaza cinemas.

Where this can be incredibly money saving is if you buy the sweets when they are £1 a packet on promotion in supermarkets. This makes your ticket only £4, and lots of sweets to eat!

If you don’t want to gain a lot of weight wither put the bags aside to take to parties/birthdays, or last year I bought some glass sweet jars for £1 each from Asda, and then put the sweets into each jar, tied with ribbon and gave as Christmas gifts.


Austerity 2013

12 Mar

After assessing my expenditure year for 2012 it is clear, it was a great year. I ate, I drank and spoiled myself and my other half rotten with trips to the cinema, nights out, take aways and extravagant gifts at christmas, anniversaries, valentines and birthdays. Don’t get me wrong, my version of spoilt rotten is probably someone else’s version of a typical year – after all, those who work in media know that the pay is not great! The problem with such a great year is that I haven’t saved a penny, and that goes against everything I believe in as my time in London, while fun, needs to have a purpose which without savings for the future, it doesn’t.

The other problem is the reason for my luxury 2012 – my boyfriends cancer. Starting with the iPad I bought him for Christmas, our dream Egyptian holiday and then the little things such as buying lunch each day instead of making my own, because I put a premium on my time with him at any financial cost. (Never mind the extra wine I got through that year to ease the stress!) I couldn’t cure his cancer – luckily his doctors can – but I could buy his favourite duck for dinner or take him to a movie.

We both had the greatest time, cancer aside, but this year with Huw doing well with his recovery we have decided to embark upon Austerity 2013. This will be a year of saving money where we can, particularly where it has been wasted and spent unnecessarily. I will never sacrifice fun, but if I can use a voucher or a discount code to get that fun I certainly will be! So expect more blog posts than ever along the theme of money saving this year, top tips on how home made can cut the costs and how living a luxurious life does not have to break the bank if you take time to make a plan.


2012 - We made it a great year

2012 – We made it a great year

Days Out: London Aquarium

15 Nov

Days Out: London Aquarium

I have contemplated visiting the London Sea Life Centre for some time now, but have always been put off by the reviews of other London dwellers. I have heard that it is expensive, with dirty tanks, poorly labelled tanks and a lack of sea creatures in general. However, armed with my Kellogg’s 2-4-1 voucher I decided it would make the perfect location for a date and took the plunge.

It was actually amazing! and I do not just say that it is good compared to the reviews, it is just good. It is really fun, we were there for almost 3 hours in total (okay, I will admit we did spend about 30 minutes alone ‘talking’ to the stingrays) the tanks were all really clean and clearly labelled, the sea critters seemed really happy, and there was a really enthusiastic staff member on hand to give out interesting facts and let you touch the rock pool creatures.

Do not compare the aquarium to swimming with dolphins, or snorkelling and diving in the sea – clearly it cannot live up to that. However, it is a really relaxing place to watch marine and river life (including penguins, turtles, sharks, sea horses, frogs, a wide selection of fish, and sting rays) and is a great place to spend a Sunday afternoon.

You also really have to appreciate the animals, and the wonder of the sea or you may just skim past the tanks, bored. One of the highlights for me was the fish eggs that they have attached to a lighted background while they hatch (this takes 9 months!) and you can see the baby fish wriggling around inside. I also loved that the sting rays like to come up to you, smile and say hello. If this does not appeal to you or make you go ‘awwww’ then it is probably not a trip for you!

"Oh hi there!"

The adult entry fee of £18 is very steep (though I would spend close to that if I was in a bar for three hours!) but with the 2-4-1 deal it is much more affordable. I think that the door price is the reason why it receives so many bad reviews, as people expect a lot for a day out of that price. The only negative thing that I could say is that some of the tourists were a little rude, pushing you out of the way and using flash photography which was not allowd, but for the most part we managed to stay clear of this!

Verdict: A very relaxing 8/10

Globe Café Bistro

1 Nov

Tastecard in hand I have been trawling the streets of London for the best place to eat out with friends. While the discount that a Tastecard brings is welcomed, I cannot help but feel that some restaurants try to give you a substandard service to compensate. Take Thai Thai in Old Street for example, mouth wateringly delicious food and at a total of £10 per person for a main and a starter (after the discount) it seems perfect. However when there the staff would not honour the offer advertised on the Tastecard website (where you only have to order one course not two) and made what should have been a simple process altogether too complicated.

The best place that I have found to date is Globe Café Bistro in Finsbury Park. The Turkish food on the menu is simple, but cooked very well. When I visited I shared the hot mezze platter for two, which consisted of falafel, grilled halloumi, fried calimari, sigara boregi and hummus. This as a starter for two is so large it could easily be between three or four. For the added touch they also give you a free plate of flatbread, dips and olives.
For the main we shared the Globe Special for two. This is a huge sharing bowl of lamb chops, lamb shish, adana shish (beef) and chicken shish. It is served with a large side salad, beautiful wild rice, roasted peppers and mushrooms. The meats have that delicous slightly barbequed taste (ironically it reminded me of the rodizio style meats from Brazil and Argentina!) and the flavours were just right. Dinner for two, plus wine came to around £30, which is certainly a bargain for the quality of the food offered.


Free Pizza!

5 Oct

The upkeep of a bustling social life is not cheap, you can 2 for 1 your cinema trips, lastminute.com your theatre visits and happy hour those cocktails, but ultimately living in London is expensive! This is why you should never turn down a chance of a free meal, and in this case GoodFella’s are offering a free pizza. Simply Register with the link below, and when it comes to the print option, you can press ‘do not have a printer’ and get the coupon posted to you. That should save a couple of quid on the weekly shop, and strategic coupon gathering can really pay off.


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