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Personalised Cards

11 Feb

The cheapest personalised cards tend to be Funky Pigeon but as they offer discounts for multiple purchases unless you have multiple valentines to send a card to it can work out cheaper at Tesco Cards where a small card including postage can cost as little as £2.29


Fathers Day 2013

4 Jun

There are two great fathers day card offers this year. First is Tesco Cards – they are currently offering half price on all fathers day cards with the added option to pre pay and get 30% extra credit. This offer can be viewed at www.tesco-cards.com.
Second up is the current deal from Funky Pigeon – 50% off their top 50 Fathers Day card designs. There is also the option to pre pay and gain 25% extra credit and I have landed a discount code for an extra 25% off all cards (up to three cards per code) just visit www.funkypigeon.com and enter FUNKYASP2013 in the ‘Promo Code’ box. An added extra with Funky Pigeon is the option to add a note to the envelope to say ‘Do not open until xxxx’ which is really useful to keep the suprise for special occasions but ensure that your card arrives in time.

See the card that I made below for £1.49

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Verdict: Funky pigeon is 10/10 for choice wheras Tesco Cards are only 6/10 for choice, although they are a bit cheaper.

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