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Made me giggle…

5 Oct

I woke up today feeling ill and with a bad headache. However I received an email from a lovely PR which cheered me up and made me giggle. He was telling bloggers about a new mug design at gift website Prezzybox . The design is meant to be a little rude in its humour probably one for a lad to give to a mate, or a sister to give to a brother. I won’t be including it in my christmas gift guide, but I am writing about it today because of one line in the PR’s email. “It may be a good item for a christmas gift guide, but I understand if it is too risky.” It just cracked me up for some reason, the thought of this poor guy trying to get coverage, but worrying about offending more sensitive folk. Well here is some coverage, and thank you for cheering me up! and for those actually interested – it’s on sale at Prezzybox now for a bargain price of £5.99


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