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Christmas Day Essentials

18 Dec

Anyone with children will tell you that Christmas Day is not relaxing, it’s not the drink and booze fest that young 20 something’s get to engage in. It is chaos! The key to a tear free Christmas is preparation. Make yourself a Christmas survival kit and my suggestions are:

Batteries of all variety. AA and AAA predominantly but you’ll always get the off C, D or smoke alarm style required on a certain toy. It’s a misconception that batteries have to be expensive.

Paracetamol, caffeine and plenty of other pick me ups for the adults! It’s not easy work climbing down that chimney and wrapping all those presents so make sure to look after yourself and keep hydrated on the day.

Plasters. With new toys come new injuries and even sharp packaging can make a cut. I love these colourful Dermocare plasters, which also help to support WWF. Your children will want to wear them even without an injury! pick these up from Ocado and Amazon for £2.99
pla2 pla

Enjoy, and stay safe!

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