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London Pet Show 2015

13 May

It’s not every weekend that I will get up for 8 am with a hangover, but for the London Pet Show there was no question about it. With excitement building for weeks, I can say it did not disappoint. A celebration for pet lovers, the show opened across the weekend of the 9th – 10th May at ExCeL London. 23,804 visitors attended, but due to the large venue it never felt overly crowded.

The highlight of the day for me was the opening act, the finals of the SuperDogs Live show, hosted by Channel 4’s ‘The Supervet’ Noel Fitzpatrick. A heart warming display (to say the least) with 30 Golden retrievers. It was –  to a dog lover like myself – nothing short of pet heaven.

Too Cute!

Too Cute!

One of the quirkiest demonstrations was the DOGA sessions from dog yoga ‘expert’ Mahny Djahanguiri and her Maltese Robbi. I did however have visions of trying to do this with my parents’ dogs Bob and Harry and I concluded that they would pretty much lick my face and make me fall over. My friend has an excitable shitzu called Mabel, with an equally excitable bladder so I am not sure some of the more ‘tummy up’ stretches would appeal either!

Just a normal day...

Just a normal day…

It was not all about cats and dogs, and I think that is what made the day such a success as it really drew in a variety of people. Who can forget the show jumping rabbits? And where else can you see ducks casually being herded like sheep, like ‘yep – this is perfectly normal!’

Show jumping rabbits

Show jumping rabbits

I found a few of the small furries and reptile talks a little less interesting, but hey that is just my ‘crazy cat lady’ roots shining through. I also spent a fortune on the product stalls – but overall the items are discounted and usually the new and creative items on the market. I got some very cute accessories for my cat Dexter, including a lovely new bow tie. Free samples galore were also much appreciated!

I would recommend to any animal lover that they book tickets next year, I will certainly make a repeat visit – front of queue!

Verdict: 10 / 10


Posted by Blogger Rachel Mullaney for KATZEN World blog.

Christmas for Kitty

7 Dec

For us Brits, advent calendars are another one of those strange customs that we blindly follow each Christmas. I know some grown ups who still love to buy an advent calendar for themselves each year, myself included. Yet, it lacks the same element of excitement as a adult. Let’s face it, if we fancy a chocolate we can just go and buy some chocolate. After a quick calculation I realised that the average 26 year old has probably opened 575 little doors, and eaten 575 little chocolates in their lifetime. Less if you shared your calendars, and more if you stole chocolates from your siblings! And to those poor children who had the calendars with no chocolates, the ones with only pictures behind the door I can only imagine that as an adult you have given up on the ‘excitement’ altogether.
Dreamies have found the perfect solution – advent calendars for cats. At first I thought the calendar did not appear to be good value, if each door only housed one treat. However on closer inspection i realised that each door actually has approximately 10 treats inside, and on the 25th December your kitty will receive a really speedy wind up toy mouse. My cats both absolutely love this, they come running to the crinkle of cardboard and rub against my legs waiting for the little treats to be released. Thank you Dreamies, for putting a bit of excitement back into my advent calendar experience!

With prices from £2.99 in supermarkets and retailers such as Amazon it won’t break the bank either.



Verdict: A Purfect 10/10

Doggie gifts!

20 Dec

Doggie gifts!

When you buy a gift for your dog it is either devoured or chewed up in ten minutes flat. This is why I am a fan of dog gifts that you can use over and over again, and that benefit you as the owner. The Dogs Trust have a new range of pet grooming products, and I decided to try the works (Shampoo, condition and spritz) on my dogs Bob and Harry.

Nice Large Bottles

The products are either fragrance free, or have natural fragrances such as basil – it is strong enough to cover up ‘wet dog smell’ but not artificial at all. The products left my muddy pooches Bob and Harry gleaming (I don’t think that they have ever been conditioned in their lives!) though they didn’t enjoy the extra five minutes in the bath! Like most of the men in my life I fear grooming is a bore for them and they would rather be off doing other things.

Shiny and Mud Free!

Effortlessly Groomed

The detangling spritz however, they loved. The extra attention, strokes and being brushed was certainly a hit (and the softness of their coat and freshness of their smell was certainly a hit with me!) The products can be ordered from www.dogstrustproducts.com and from January the full range can be picked up from Pets at Home. Prices start at £5.99, so a little pricey, but given the price of other dog shampoos out there are for much smaller bottles I still feel it is good value, and of course it is in aid of the Dogs Trust Charity which helps dogs in need.
Verdict: A super clean 9/10

Santa Bob! Ready to hit the town…

Puurrfect Presents…

10 Nov

Chistmas Gift Guide

Puurrfect Presents…

If, like myself, you are addicted to the joy of giving at Christmas you will find just about any excuse to buy the perfect present for every member of your family. There is not a single aspect about the gifting process – whether it is giving or receiving, wrapping or unwrapping – that I do not love. Even looking at the neatly stacked gifts under the tree gives me a shiver of excitement. For pet lovers, Christmas is yet another excuse to spoil those furry little creatures that give their cuddles freely and can put a smile on even the grumpiest of faces.

One of the best gifts that I have found to date for cats is the cat play house from iwantoneofthose.com (http://www.iwantoneofthose.com/gifts/gifts/pet-gifts.list) For £14.99 you can order a plane, tank, Cadillac or fire engine, and the concept is a flat pack cardboard set that you can then slot together to build the play house for your cat (I presume the idea was borne from the fact that cats love jumping into cardboard empty boxes) Upon arrival, I was very surprised at how large (though flat) the box was, the whole set comprised of under 10 pieces, which is quite handy if you do not like the ‘fiddly bits’. It did take me about 20mins to put together, as my cat Cleo was already intrigued and tried to lend a helping paw. This in itself was a rather fun activity!

Checking it out...


After building the plane, it did take me a while to coax Cleo in. As it has a hole in the bottom (which isnt really very accessible) and a hole in the top it did feel like the wings got in the way a little. In this sense I think Cleo, being quite a curvaceous cat, would have been better suited to the Cadillac or fire truck. That said after throwing a few treats in there she quickly overcame her fears and was jumping in and out happily.

The plane now sits in our living room and Cleo loves it. I can imagine on Christmas day it will keep her occupied and away from our presents (especially if we throw our used wrapping paper in there!)


As an added extra, I am told by my partner that it also makes a great hat….

Verdict: A very fun 9/10

Upside down it makes an excellent hat.

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