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Halloween – What’s on?

1 Oct

If you’re stuck for where to go this Halloween weekend I can thoroughly recommend the Halloween Raveyard at The Vaults in Waterloo. I’ve been going for a few years now, and the depth of decoration and interaction has never ceased to amaze me. It’s pretty cheap, it’s in a set of underground abandoned railway arches, they have zombies, a band, a rave room, and a chill out room – it’s pretty amazing! The people who go put a massive effort into their costumes, so get that special effect make up out and go wild!

Tickets can be bought here www.thevaults.london/halloween-raveyard-2017 at £18 each for Friday 27th and Saturday 28th October 2017.

Verdict 9 / 10 (this would be a 10 if they had more bar ares, service is slow! And air conditioning as its really hot in there!)

Budget Halloween Costumes

28 Oct

As far as budget Halloween costume  ideas go it doesn’t get any cheaper than traditional zombie, vampire or ghost.


With the right make up, spooky eyes and fangs you can wear any clothing that you already own to complete the look. I can recommend that Scarecrow Love Fangs (available at Amazon for £11 or for ebay £9) these fangs are smaller than most and glue over your own teeth with a special mixture. To begin with they were fiddly, tasted horrible and took a long time to set (I had to do one tooth all over again) but once set they lasted from 8pm – 2am when I took them out. I get the feeling they would have lasted all night so long as I didn’t eat anything! I did however buy a back up tube of denture glue for £2.89 just in case the mixture provided with the fangs didn’t work – as I had read some reviews recommending that I do that. They were really realistic; the smaller size meant they felt comfortable in my mouth after a while, although I never did quite learn to talk without a lisp! To break down the outfit costs:

– Spooky eyes £10 (last one month so can be worn continuously in the day time, or on multiple occasions)
– Fangs £8
– Fake blood £1 (large bottle will last for years)
– Clothes, make up, accessories already owned.

Total = £19


Scarecrow Lovebite Fangs

Scarecrow Lovebite Fangs

The denture paste that is provided

The denture paste that is provided

The end result

The end result


Zombie can be even cheaper, if you are willing to sacrifice some of your clothes for shredding purposes, or have an outfit in mind that seems appropriate:

– Special effect wax £5 (large tube will last for a year)
– Fake blood £1 (large bottle will last for years)
– Make up £2
– Clothes and accessories already owned

Total = £8


Model and Makeup by: Nele Knueppel

Model and Makeup by: Nele Knueppel


Zombie spookiness!

Zombie spookiness!

Special effect make-up Blogger Nele Kneppell has kindly provided a step-by-step guide to the best zombie make up:

Dry January

24 Jan

I was a little sceptical about having a ‘dry January’ given that my subconscious is always a contrary force within me – and tends to do the opposite of my actual plans. When I’m on a diet I find myself wondering what donuts dipped in Nutella would taste like, dream of greasy fries covered in melted cheese, and wander towards the snack aisle in every supermarket I walk into. In fact on a diet I crave foods that I wouldn’t even allow myself on a normal day! So understand my concern, to ban alcohol – would I just drink everything in sight?

Well…I failed at dry January, but fortunately did not become a raging alcoholic! I found nights out the trickiest – trust me the number of after work drinkers in my local indicated a big that dry January is still a foreign concept to most! However nights in were easy. Instead of my weekend wine, I treated myself to camomile tea with honey, lots of water and made sure to drink with ice so that it didn’t feel too boring. I was still missing however that little something to spoil myself with when I get back from work on a Friday. I decided to try out the new ‘mocktail’ fad. The best range that I tested was the Funkin range. I tested three very different flavours:

Funkin Funkin Brazilian, a tropical blend of mangoes, passion fruit and oranges with Amazonian Guarana, the ‘super seed’, which contains twice the energy of coffee beans, giving you a delicious natural energy kick.
Verdict: 7/10 I loved the fruity flavour, but this drink did cry out for a shot of vodka! I would certainly indulge by adding my own spirits after January is over.

Funkin Strawberry Daiquiri: Interestingly, a flavour recently voted one of the UK’s favourite cocktails
Verdict: 10/10 this mocktail does not need anything else added, it is truly delicious in itself. Imagine a better, fresher, pulpier and fruiter grown-up version of a Ribena strawberry drink. It is very moreish…

Funkin Mojito, made with Persian limes blended for a sharp, refreshing taste.
Verdict: 8/10 this drink completely captured the essence of a London cocktail bar mojito flavour. I have tried pre-made mojitos in the past that have had a nasty false mint flavour to them and did not taste like the real product at all, and this drink has restored my faith in a mojito in a bottle! This would have been a 10 except I made the mistake of looking at the calorie content on the back of the carton…My advice, top up with plenty of ice and dance those calories off!

These mocktails are available from £2.99 each nationwide at Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Co-op, Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Majestic Wine, Harrods, Ocado, Amazon, DrinkShop.com and at www.funkin.co.uk

Yum! Yum!


For the cider lovers
Why not try Kopparberg’s Alcohol Free cider range, fruity and refreshing. Summer BBQ’s and winter dinner parties are much more fun with something sparkling to sip, and this provides a much healthier option.

Verdict: a juicy 8/10

Gift for cider lovers!

10 Dec

With 2013 the year of austerity measures and a nation of ‘super scrimpers’ it comes as no surprise that sales of home brew kits are on the up. Trust us Brits to avoid cutting out our alcohol habit by making it ourselves! For the experienced brewer I would recommend home store Wilkinsons, it sells kits but also individual items for every batch if wine and beer imaginable.

However finding a good cider kit is a bit trickier – and when giving a gift you have to be careful that the follow-up equipment will not cost the earth. There is nothing worse than receiving a gift that you then have to spend more money to be able to use. That is why this year I have tried, tested and can recommend Victor’s Drinks cider kit. It comes in a box, with everything inside. All you need to do is add water, and 20 pints of apple cider are ready to drink, share or even offer round a more sparkling gathering, in ten days. The box is actually quite compact, even better for chilling.

Business Development Manager, Cacelia Broadbent, explained, “We’ve had so many focus groups working on this, and the overwhelming response is that Victor’s is as close to off-the- shelf drinking as it gets. It’s clean, tasty and doesn’t deplete the wallet.” She went on to say, “2013 has seen duty rise on alcohol and supermarkets being held to ransom over minimum pricing. One thing is for sure, alcohol is only going to get more expensive, while people’s budgets are going to be under a lot more strain.”

The kits have no added sugar or preservatives. All that is inside is apple syrup (from real apples!) and a little bit of malt extract. There is even a handy YouTube video to show you how it’s done here

After 12 days (the recommended ten and two for good luck!) the result was a delicious sweet and very easy to drink pint. The only drawback is that the bag inside did expand a little so i had to decant to chill (I have a tiny fridge) At £20 per kit this is only £1 per pint, great for parties but also fun to make. I’m sure that waiting for the brew to be ready improves the flavour somehow! The kits are available in major online retailers and also at Victors Drinks

Verdict: A refreshing 9/10


Halloween Party Punch

23 Oct

As Halloween creeps ever closer, Shloer are bringing back their popular limited edition Berry Punch soft drink. I’ve tested the drink, it’s delicious and I love their spooky pumpkin serving idea. For adult parties, try spicing up with a dash of gin!


Verdict: a refreshing 8/10

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