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Christmas Traditions

3 Dec

As a child the Christmas buzz would begin a day early – on Christmas Eve. We would each get one present to open that night, and usually a few sweets too, and the present would always be a brand new pair of pyjamas. It made Christmas that bit more special, going to bed all clean and fresh in our jazzy new threads, knowing that when would wake Santy would have been and gone.

In modern times, pyjamas have been cast aside and with colder winters of late, toasty warm ‘onsies’ are now the new trend. Last year I blogged about the trend and I was a bit unsure as to what I thought, this year however I have been converted and won’t go back! I have tested out the nicest, cosiest and cutest onsie on the market – and I am huge fan. The best onsies are to be found at The All-In-One Company www.the-all-in-one-company.co.uk where you can design and customise your own bespoke onsies. Options include different shapes, fabrics, slippers or no slippers, drop seat or not. My favourite is that you can even add your own ears, tails, and embellished text / logo. The sizes are even bespoke – avoid the ‘camel toe’ onsie look that is a particular risk for tall men and women! I designed my onsie in lamb-fawn material, with ribbed sleeves, detached slippers with non-slip grip, a full length zip, bear hood and finally the logo ‘Huw Bear’. My cute bear certainly approved, and he can be seen modelling the onsie below.

The onsie that I designed is made of a soft flock like material, with a slightly tougher interior, and the zip is conveniently long. Elasticated hand and feet cuffs keep the onsie in place and cute teddy bear ears promise to transform even the most serious adult into an adorable cuddly creature. I would give these a 10/10 for quality and even though they are on the pricey side – an adult onsie can set you back up to £90 depending how many extra customisations you choose. After much research on the hight street however, I have been unable to find such a high quality specimen. Rather than spend £25 for one that won’t last or wash well, I would rather have one of these to last me a really long time. I would certainly recommend as a gift for adults, and for those with children the baby and child versions are too cute for words.

Huw Bear

Huw Bear

I had to try it!

I had to try it!

Verdict: 10/10

Gifts for him…

13 Dec

Gifts for him…

It can be hard deciding what to buy that special man in your life (after all who can afford an iPad or whatever gadget he is really hankering after!) All too often women rely on the good old staple gift of underwear or socks. Luckily I have found a way to make this a bit more exciting!

Jockey (www.jockeyuk.com) have a really fun festive range this year. My favourite is the Jockey Countryside Quebec Short Trunk (aka snowflake pants!) which can be bought at www.deadgoodundies.com. They are tight, they are tiny, and the snowflakes make for the perfect excuse to give them to your man. At around £13 I don’t think they are badly priced either.

Well hello Mr Snowflake Pants...

Another must have in the dreary winter weather is the Jockey Body Suit (aka Sexy Onesie!) Imagine smart, tight underwear seamlessly attached to an easy to unbutton t-shirt. Quirky thermal wear at its best, after all the hot men we know need to stay warm this winter too! (Please note the model in the image does not come with these gifts – boo!) The only drawback is at around £28 it would be cheaper just to get some undies and a separate t-shirt. Though that wouldn’t be as much fun…

Fasten up those buttons, you may get cold!

Well I certainly cannot wait to give these gifts to my boyfriend this Christmas, and unwrap them myself!

Verdict: A very sexy 9/10

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