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The Onsie Trend Strikes Again!

7 Mar

The onsie trend has crept up on me, yet again. Be it gay men or straight females I have noticed many facebook and twitter updates alerting me to the fact that my friends just love their ‘onsies.’ Looking on at my friends animal themed and Santa Claus fleecy onsies, I did fear, as a larger lady, that this is yet another craze (such as last summer’s playsuits) that would be denied to my body shape! That and the practicalities: how do you have a wee in the night! (with difficulty that is how!)

So when I was sent a onsie to review, I was a little sceptical. Firstly it looked like something for a 10 year old. Secondly coming from the Katie Price Boutique range it was as expected, baby pink with diamantes.

However, when my friend Toli modelled the onsie for me, I was pleasantly surprised. Firstly, this onsie despite having he diamante’s for a younger audience, was in fact SEXY! It’s easy to pop fastenings showed off ample cleavage, and the tightness of the onsie showed off her figure nicely. She even commented how light the material is compared to other onsies out there – a summer onsie!

So as the old saying goes, never to judge a book by its cover!

Toli – The Onsie Lover

Verdict: A Surprisingly Sexy 8/10

Katie’s Onsie is available at Store Twenty One for £14.99 www.storetwentyone.co.uk

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