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Halloween Hair

15 Oct

If there was ever a time to experiment with crazy hair colour, Halloween is it. However it can be a pain wearing a wig, and a rather too permanent solution. I thought that I would road test a new product – hair chalk. This one is from Models Own who teamed up with drinks brand Midori to create a ghoulish green chalk in a cute swirl shaped pot. The on-trend shade of neon green is easy to apply – simply rub the chalk into hair and set with hair spray. Once in; hair can be styled in any way, whether it’s a chalk-tipped up do or an intricate fishtail plait incorporating a variety of colours.

My experience with the chalk however is that it is very vibrant and neon in blonde hair, but takes a lot more effort (rubbing essentially) to get it to take on dark hair. After all that rubbing it can also look a little powdery.

midori 3

All in all a great idea just make sure that you order the right shade for your colouring. The limited edition My Midori Hair Chalk retails at £6 from www.modelsownit.com

midori 2
8/10 for blondes and an unfortunate 6/10 for brunettes


Top Tip:
For extra Halloween fun, try making a Midori twist cocktail.

50ml Midori
12.5 ml Lemon Juice
12.5ml Lime Juice
Method: Shake together, serve over ice



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