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Autumn Deal of The Week

28 Oct

When I first discovered that I needed glasses for driving lessons four years ago I went onto Groupon and bought a glasses deal for www.glassesdirect.co.uk which meant I got two (albeit terribly basic and hideous) pairs of glasses for around £15 in total. After my recent eye test the optician recommended that I start wearing a stronger prescription, and wear them more often for watching movies, presentations, work and driving. The shame and horror of getting out my old basics for all to see drove me yet again to Groupon. Here I found a deal where for £19 you get a £55 Glasses Direct voucher. (Unfortunately for you, this deal has now gone, but an autumn sale means that you can add the voucher code AUTUMN50 to receive 50% off frames which is almost as good as the Groupon deal!) See below for how I made the maximum savings step by step:

– Click through to the Groupon website via a cash back website gaining 8% cash back (in my case £1.50) when the purchase of the voucher is completed
– Click through to Glasses Direct via a cash back website gaining 5% cash back (in my case £2.39)
– Order your frames and lenses, and choose your free second pair (you can mix and match put get the cheapest free)
– Pay using your Groupon voucher in the promotions code box
– Pay the excess amount with debit card or PayPal
Grand total of £64.05 spent on two pairs of stylish glasses worth £75 each for frames alone, including the silver package of lenses at my desired prescription

The excellent feature of Glasses Direct is that you can order four pairs at a time to try on at home, so you are not ordering blindly. They also have hundreds of designer frames (top tip: find the pair that you like in your local opticians and look up the brand on the website they will have identical or similar frames much cheaper!)

Try at home - four pairs at a time

Try at home – four pairs at a time

What’s the catch you ask? None, this is a glasses warehouse cutting out the middle man aka your optician, and with less overheads. You do of course need your own prescription details, which you can ask your optician to, write down for you after each eye test. Most employers will also pay for your eye test, and if not optical express and specsavers often have printable online vouchers for a free test.

Verdict: 9 / 10


Nele trying her new glasses

Nele trying the ‘London Retro Fitzrovia’ glasses

Trying out the glasses

Trying out the ‘Mojito’ glasses

Britney. A halloween delight or a nightmare?

2 Nov

Ok, for £2 a ticket (yes £2, turns out she was not sold out *Shocked face!* so those clever ticket sellers do what they can to fill seats!) I was definitely up for my first Britney experience this Halloween at Wembley Arena.

I had noticed the tickets on Groupon a week before, and also noticed the awful press leading up to the concert, but I still held out hope. I mean with a bunch of girl work mates (and we all know how much journalists love to party!) a bit of Dutch courage (if that is what you call downing some wine spritzers on the tube) and a dream of some of the classic tunes from my teenage years, what could go wrong right?

VERDICT: Nightmare.

She begins the act with some bubble-gum pop from her new album (yawn!) the outfits should have been sexy, but somehow were not. They lacked something impossible to place, just off kilter. The strip tease she does for Mr Jonas was a sight my eyes could have happily done without. I kept thinking, Britney, you are a mother! he is like 12 years old and you have popped out numerous children, he is not going to pant over you… Yes, she was in great shape. But she was trying so hard that she lacked any sex appeal. To compare her to Beyonce at Glastonbury this year, who engaged with the crowd, stunned with her voice and had sex appeal screaming out of every pore, it really hit home how Britney is now not even in the same league as the other female solo artists that are out there today.

Mid act she pulled out some of the oldies and it ended on a real high of the hardcore fans and sceptical few dancing away and belting out their own reditions of tracks such as ‘Womaniser’ and ‘Slave for You’ I must admit I left the arena confused. We had all enjoyed ourselves (but lets face it I have friends who dance enthusiastically to their own ring tones) but it would have felt like a slap in the face had we paid full price for tickets. To quote a friend “she danced like a drunk lady in Inferno’s Clapham on a Saturday night, trying to be sexy”….

Highlight gossip of the night: My gay friend snogging a strange man in the loo’s… (Yes Tonks, you know who you are!)

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