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Get Fit Feb

5 Feb

Get Fit Gadgets

I am not easily motivated to get out there and get exercising. I know that for some people it’s enjoyable, it releases endorphins and makes them feel good and they thrive upon competition, sport and the exercise package. The end goal of losing weight is the only thing that can push me to do it! It takes up my precious time of which I have so little at times feels like a sacrifice. If I go for a run even with a sports bra it gets a bit ‘bouncy’ and when you try to exercise while very unfit you just feel like a sweaty, slow mess. I do love shopping however. So while I believe that you can get fit for free (run, walk, bike ride all the classics) I do like the idea of a few gizmo’s to get me going.

I recently tested out the Monster iSport earphones (iSport Intensity RRP £69.99 available at www.shopmonsterproducts.co.uk, John Lewis, Harrods, Selfridges, Apple, Dixons Travel and Currys) After all when you listen to music you can almost trick yourself into thinking that exercise is fun! It’s a great morale booster and can help to set the tempo for that last mile of the run, or that harder part of the cross trainer program. My typical ear phones tend to fall out, and this set have a patented sports clip to hold this in place. The sound quality is amazing, and the hot pink a definite style bonus in my opinion! (Don’t worry they are available in other colours including black too)


Verdict: A high quality 9 / 10 for the product, but only a 7 / 10 for value. Yes, I know that headphones are very expensive – but I still can’t help but feel that with (albeit absolutely terrible quality) seta available in the 99p store, prices are a tad over inflated.

Best of Books
Gadgets aside, we all know that we are what we eat. Or we eat what we are. Or we eat what we want? Hmm, my dieting advice is a bit mixed up! It is for this reason that I would advise getting a diet plan either online or in book format and sticking to it. Some may work better than others, but all of them work if you stick at it!

Dukan Diet 2
Dukan Diet 2 (available on Amazon for around £8) is a follow-up to the original Dukan Diet book by Dr Pierre Dukan, and is a programme which consists of seven steps and allows the user to join a new food in to their diet each day. An example week would be:

Monday – protein only
Tuesday – protein + vegetables
Wednesday – protein + vegetables + fruit
Thursday – protein + vegetables + fruit + bread
Friday – protein + vegetables + fruit + bread + cheese
Saturday – protein + vegetables + fruit + bread + cheese + carbs
Sunday – Celebration Meal


Verdict: 9 / 10. Low carb diets see fast results, but by incorporating different foods on different days this diet doesn’t leave you feeling cheated. It fits in very well with the working week also, saving you money at work on posh lunches and allowing you to have fun at the weekend.

Back to Basics Diet – Seven Weeks to Change Your life
The Back to Basics Diet book by David R Hack is a low fuss guide, looking at the science behind obesity. Again focusing on long-term lifestyle changes this plan is no ‘fad’ and definitely worth a try!
download (1)

Verdict: Another 9 / 10 this book makes sense, and if oe has the willpower it will certainly help with weight loss.

Best of the shakes
Sometimes a detox week for me means protein shakes. Like them or loathe them, it provides a strict regime which on weekdays typing away ensures that I do not eat cake or chocolate. I’ve tried various brands, and while pricey (This kit will set you back £62!) Protein World’s Slender Bender Kit  is by far the tastiest. it tastes like melted vanilla ice cream, and goes well with water, milk or yoghurt. Yum!

Verdict: 9 /10


Detox for New Year

6 Jan

As I rolled myself back home to London after Christmas my jiggling bum and tight clothes told me one thing – detox time!

Watch this space as I review this years top healthy eating plans, exercises and weight loss products.

Happy New Year :-(

Happy New Year 😦

Dry January

24 Jan

I was a little sceptical about having a ‘dry January’ given that my subconscious is always a contrary force within me – and tends to do the opposite of my actual plans. When I’m on a diet I find myself wondering what donuts dipped in Nutella would taste like, dream of greasy fries covered in melted cheese, and wander towards the snack aisle in every supermarket I walk into. In fact on a diet I crave foods that I wouldn’t even allow myself on a normal day! So understand my concern, to ban alcohol – would I just drink everything in sight?

Well…I failed at dry January, but fortunately did not become a raging alcoholic! I found nights out the trickiest – trust me the number of after work drinkers in my local indicated a big that dry January is still a foreign concept to most! However nights in were easy. Instead of my weekend wine, I treated myself to camomile tea with honey, lots of water and made sure to drink with ice so that it didn’t feel too boring. I was still missing however that little something to spoil myself with when I get back from work on a Friday. I decided to try out the new ‘mocktail’ fad. The best range that I tested was the Funkin range. I tested three very different flavours:

Funkin Funkin Brazilian, a tropical blend of mangoes, passion fruit and oranges with Amazonian Guarana, the ‘super seed’, which contains twice the energy of coffee beans, giving you a delicious natural energy kick.
Verdict: 7/10 I loved the fruity flavour, but this drink did cry out for a shot of vodka! I would certainly indulge by adding my own spirits after January is over.

Funkin Strawberry Daiquiri: Interestingly, a flavour recently voted one of the UK’s favourite cocktails
Verdict: 10/10 this mocktail does not need anything else added, it is truly delicious in itself. Imagine a better, fresher, pulpier and fruiter grown-up version of a Ribena strawberry drink. It is very moreish…

Funkin Mojito, made with Persian limes blended for a sharp, refreshing taste.
Verdict: 8/10 this drink completely captured the essence of a London cocktail bar mojito flavour. I have tried pre-made mojitos in the past that have had a nasty false mint flavour to them and did not taste like the real product at all, and this drink has restored my faith in a mojito in a bottle! This would have been a 10 except I made the mistake of looking at the calorie content on the back of the carton…My advice, top up with plenty of ice and dance those calories off!

These mocktails are available from £2.99 each nationwide at Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Co-op, Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Majestic Wine, Harrods, Ocado, Amazon, DrinkShop.com and at www.funkin.co.uk

Yum! Yum!


For the cider lovers
Why not try Kopparberg’s Alcohol Free cider range, fruity and refreshing. Summer BBQ’s and winter dinner parties are much more fun with something sparkling to sip, and this provides a much healthier option.

Verdict: a juicy 8/10

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