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Halloween Experiences

23 Oct

Lastminute.com have announced some reductions on their halloween packages. Remember to always look around for the cheapest deal as a reduction doesn’t always mean the lowest price available! 

London Bridge Experience and London Tombs for two adults – £36 (currently 25% off, was £48)
Discover the secrets that lie beneath London Bridge. There are many dark and bloody tales to be told about London Bridge and the London Tombs. A bridge has existed in the same spot for nearly two thousand years, suffering destruction by fire and warfare and being rebuilt time and time again. No wonder it is one of the world’s most haunted bridges.

London Ghost Bus Tour for Two – £42.50 

Jump on board this classic 1960s Routemaster. Previously used as a funeral bus (or ‘carcass coach’ as Londoners called it) it has been renovated and restored to use as a ghost tour bus. Uncover the grisly secrets of the city with the London Ghost Bus Tour for Two that will transport you and a friend around the sinister parts of the capital.

Zombie Combat Experience for One – £79 (currently 20% off, was £99

Bring your favourite scary film or video game to life in this Zombie Combat Experience. You’ll enter a world where zombies are attacking the globe and it’s up to you and your crew to save us all before the infection spreads. You’ll arrive at the camp for an important briefing on the situation before being armed with your weapons and preparing for battle.

Wicked  Theatre Tickets from £17.50 – Wicked is the record-breaking hit musical which tells the incredible untold story of the Witches of Oz.

Days Out: London Aquarium

15 Nov

Days Out: London Aquarium

I have contemplated visiting the London Sea Life Centre for some time now, but have always been put off by the reviews of other London dwellers. I have heard that it is expensive, with dirty tanks, poorly labelled tanks and a lack of sea creatures in general. However, armed with my Kellogg’s 2-4-1 voucher I decided it would make the perfect location for a date and took the plunge.

It was actually amazing! and I do not just say that it is good compared to the reviews, it is just good. It is really fun, we were there for almost 3 hours in total (okay, I will admit we did spend about 30 minutes alone ‘talking’ to the stingrays) the tanks were all really clean and clearly labelled, the sea critters seemed really happy, and there was a really enthusiastic staff member on hand to give out interesting facts and let you touch the rock pool creatures.

Do not compare the aquarium to swimming with dolphins, or snorkelling and diving in the sea – clearly it cannot live up to that. However, it is a really relaxing place to watch marine and river life (including penguins, turtles, sharks, sea horses, frogs, a wide selection of fish, and sting rays) and is a great place to spend a Sunday afternoon.

You also really have to appreciate the animals, and the wonder of the sea or you may just skim past the tanks, bored. One of the highlights for me was the fish eggs that they have attached to a lighted background while they hatch (this takes 9 months!) and you can see the baby fish wriggling around inside. I also loved that the sting rays like to come up to you, smile and say hello. If this does not appeal to you or make you go ‘awwww’ then it is probably not a trip for you!

"Oh hi there!"

The adult entry fee of £18 is very steep (though I would spend close to that if I was in a bar for three hours!) but with the 2-4-1 deal it is much more affordable. I think that the door price is the reason why it receives so many bad reviews, as people expect a lot for a day out of that price. The only negative thing that I could say is that some of the tourists were a little rude, pushing you out of the way and using flash photography which was not allowd, but for the most part we managed to stay clear of this!

Verdict: A very relaxing 8/10

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