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Christmas Gifts for Her

17 Dec

Flame free candles

As a cat owner, I’m often worried about lighting candles in case my four legged little cuties cause a fire. Both cats have set their tails on fire in the past, so the idea of LED candles as a Christmas gift was very appealing. These candles are great value at £13.19, made from real unscented beeswaxand are operated by AAA batteries (use rechargeable ones for even better value!) They also come with a small remote control so once you are tucked up in bed you don’t have to get out again! You can also shake the candle to turn them off. The ‘flicker’ mode is much more realistic than I was expecting and these would certainly make a unique gift. Available at LED HUT.

LumiLife Candles

LumiLife Candles

Verdict: 8 / 10 – though I’d like them to be under a tenner to mark them this high for value.


It may seem a bit of a cop out, but most mam’s, grandma’s, sisters, neices and in-law’s alike do seem to appreciate practical gifts that they can use in their home. Practical doesn’t have to mean less pretty though – especially with this quaint mug from Cordello Home. It’s a bit of a luxury item priced at £12.99 and is made from lovely bone china, but unlike most china mugs it is also really spacious allowing for a nice big cuppa!

Hearts and Flowers Range

Hearts and Flowers Range

Verdict: 9/ 10 for design, and 5 / 10 for value

Made me giggle…

5 Oct

I woke up today feeling ill and with a bad headache. However I received an email from a lovely PR which cheered me up and made me giggle. He was telling bloggers about a new mug design at gift website Prezzybox . The design is meant to be a little rude in its humour probably one for a lad to give to a mate, or a sister to give to a brother. I won’t be including it in my christmas gift guide, but I am writing about it today because of one line in the PR’s email. “It may be a good item for a christmas gift guide, but I understand if it is too risky.” It just cracked me up for some reason, the thought of this poor guy trying to get coverage, but worrying about offending more sensitive folk. Well here is some coverage, and thank you for cheering me up! and for those actually interested – it’s on sale at Prezzybox now for a bargain price of £5.99


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