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Handcrafted Decorations

11 Dec

As a Christmas addict, I have very sensibly rationed my spending on decorations. Each year I allow myself a few shop bought decorations and I also embark upon one craft project to make my own. This year I have attempted to created a paper mâché NOËL decoration for my fireplace. It was very time consuming, but actually a simple process and the result was a brilliant bespoke decoration that will last for years to come. Make your own with these simple steps:

1) Collect cereal boxes and cut them into the letter shaped that you desire, with card for the back, front and sides.
2) Cover the whole creation in masking tape to improve sturdiness

photo 1 (2)
3) Start the paper mâché process! It’s messy but fun. Simply use one part water and two parts white PVA glue and mix. Spread this mixture over strips of newspaper using your fingers as a press to glide away the excess. Drape the strips across the letters until the whole letter is covered. Leave to dry and if it’s too bumpy you can repeat the process as necessary.

photo 2
4) Finally, lay your dry letters out on newspaper and spray with a gold paint. I used a £1 spray from the pound shop. Leave to dry, then flip over and repeat the process. Don’t forget to do the sides also!

6) Et Viola! Sit back and enjoy your creation



Make your own wrapping paper

10 Dec

There is nothing worse than running out of wrapping paper on Christmas Eve. As a quick fix, simply print your own! Using microsoft word, paste in a picture of the person that you are gifting, and adding a bright border. Copy this and create a page of back to back pictures. Finally – press print. Remember to select the correct settings so that the ink does not smudge. Finally wrap the gift and add a matching ribbon and bow. It will look like you went to great efforts to create a great personal touch and this way you can avoid the oxford street madness!

Personalised Tanuka Paper

Personalised Tanuka Paper

Halloween Inspiration

20 Oct


Use Helium

Use Helium

Eyelash glue works a treat on skin

Eyelash glue works a treat on skin

old pillows and duct tape

old pillows and duct tape

A tropical twist on Mr Pumpkin

A tropical twist on Mr Pumpkin

Print these off for a quicker effect

Print these off for a quicker effect

Put a bowl inside to prevent leakage

Put a bowl inside to prevent leakage


Halloween Interiors

15 Oct

Halloween does not have to happen but once a year, with wallpapers from Graham & Brown you can decorate your house in a gothic look all year around. My suggestion would also be to actually make your own spooky decorations using the wallpaper. Ideas are:

  • Spooky table runner (see here)
  • Backdrop: either use a poster hanger ot two canes of wood to hang the perfect backdrop onto your wall. If you don’t care about little holes, you can even use pins/wall tacs.
  • Door hanger: for the best effect hang over so it covers both sides of the door
  • Spooky rug: note this only works on linoleum floors, where you can stick down with blu tack or double sided tape!

I have tested out the skull wallpaper, it is covered in velvet, and the only word to describe it is… sumptuous. Though, at £55 a roll, it would have to be! The website does list some of their designs in a sale at £10 however they are not as spooky as the skulls or cobwebs that I would choose.

Spooky Skulls

Spooky Skulls

Creepy Cobwebs

Creepy Cobwebs

Verdict: 10/10 for quality, 5/10 for value

Valentines Day 2014 Moodboard

14 Feb










Christmas Crafts Moodboard

14 Dec









Halloween Party Treats

10 Oct

If you want to make a good centre piece for your ‘treat table’ at a Halloween Party this year, I recommend making a sweet tree like the one below. You will need:

– 1x Pencil

– 1x polystyrene ball (I used the inner of a Christmas bauble – its far cheaper than craft store polystyrene balls)

– double sided sticky foam (I get mine from the 99p store)

– gravel

– silver spray paint

– small terracotta plant pot

– 1x ribbon

– 1x small tray of Ferrero Rocher



Get crafty – Knit your own Britain

31 Aug

Words can not describe how happy I was when I received a copy of ‘Knit your own Britain’ by authours Jackie Holt and Ruth Bailey. It is so good (Buy it, buy it!) and it made me laugh then tweet and email my friends to spread the word in appreciation. I love knitting and all other crafts really, so a book filled with ideas such as knit your own Boris Johnson, Ant and Dec or Posh and Beck’s is right up my street. Alas my knitting skills proved to be too amateur to attempt any of the designs, but I have sent the book to my Grandma so watch this space – you may yet see some of them created. Here’s a selection of my favourites:






Verdict: 10/10!

Handcrafted with love

1 Feb

My all time favourite gift to handcraft this year is the ‘sweet tree’ this new craze is very popular with weddings and now they are even stocked in waitrose. In Waitrose however they are £22. I made this lovely specimen for only £3, using materials that I had around the house.

Yum yum!

Yum yum!

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