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Pinch those Pennies as Sweet Sundays is back!

5 Jul

Love cinema?
Love sweets?

Well I would certainly recommend sweet sundays. The concept behind it is that if you collect 4 sweet packets (from popular sharing bags such as minstrels, revels, m&ms, maltesers and milkyway stars) you can then log onto www.sweetsundays.co.uk and claim a free cinema ticket to use on a Sunday. Look up availability but cinemas include Cineworld, Showcase, Movie House, Scott, Merlin, Reel, Savoy, WTW, G1 Group and Plaza cinemas.

Where this can be incredibly money saving is if you buy the sweets when they are £1 a packet on promotion in supermarkets. This makes your ticket only £4, and lots of sweets to eat!

If you don’t want to gain a lot of weight wither put the bags aside to take to parties/birthdays, or last year I bought some glass sweet jars for £1 each from Asda, and then put the sweets into each jar, tied with ribbon and gave as Christmas gifts.


Keeping Mam Sweet

5 Mar
The bests edible gifts

Shops are filled full of Mother’s Day goodies, ‘mum’ shaped biscuits, chocolates and cakes charged at 3x the usual value for the privilege. Much like valentines day, Mother’s Day has gone commercial and with busy lives commercial can be rather convenient – if you shop in the right places to avoid paying a fortune. My favourite sweet treats this year are from Asda, I have sampled a few if their goodies and particularly love their chocolate heart priced at £5. It is very similar to the famous Hotel Chocolate slabs, with thick milk chocolate marbled with white and pink, sprinkled with a generous helping of dried raspberries. I also love their choice of biscuits and chocolate sets, I know it’s very cheesy but something about a chocolate or biscuit in the shape to fit the occasion really does make it taste better!

Verdict: a tasty 9/10

Heart shaped chocolate £5

Heart shaped chocolate £5


Shoe chocolates £2

Shoe chocolates £2


Mum shortbread £1

Mum shortbread £1



Mothers Day – On a Budget!

28 Feb

Save money this mothers day with the latest deal from Martin Lewis at money saving expert. They are offering new and existing customers a ‘free’ mothers day collage mug worth £7.99, all you pay is the £1.99 postage. Simply click here upload your pics, and best of all you can pay your postage via paypal. it’s worth noting that you dont have to give this to your mam, you can upload pics for any occasion and keep it for a birthday or christmas gift. MUG

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