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Tasty Treats for Cats

17 Jul

Hi everyone I wanted to share with you my thoughts on the Forthglade natural cat food range. Forthglade is a company based in Devon, and has been making pet food for over 40 years, so from this you can trust its prestige. My little kitty Dexter trialled the Natural Lifestage Adult Salmon & Turkey wet cat food – with an 85% meat content, hypo-allergenic and free of pesky grain, it seemed as high quality as a human food!
It had a bit of a strange smell, meaty and fishy all at once. Alas it turns out that this combination is irresistable to cats, as Dexted LOVED it. He pushed the tray all around the floor slurping and nibbling to his hearts content and the whole 90g was gone in minutes.

Turkey and Salmon

Turkey and Salmon

Product information:

  • Grain Free
  • No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • No wheat gluten
  • No soya or bulking agents
  • Vitamin & mineral enriched
  • Botanicals
  • 85% Meat

Verdict: 9 / 10

Blogger Rachel Mullaney (aka cat slave to the cutie Dexter) contributes to a website for catlovers, Katzenworld, to take a peek it can be viewed at http://katzenworld.co.uk

London Pet Show 2015

13 May

It’s not every weekend that I will get up for 8 am with a hangover, but for the London Pet Show there was no question about it. With excitement building for weeks, I can say it did not disappoint. A celebration for pet lovers, the show opened across the weekend of the 9th – 10th May at ExCeL London. 23,804 visitors attended, but due to the large venue it never felt overly crowded.

The highlight of the day for me was the opening act, the finals of the SuperDogs Live show, hosted by Channel 4’s ‘The Supervet’ Noel Fitzpatrick. A heart warming display (to say the least) with 30 Golden retrievers. It was –  to a dog lover like myself – nothing short of pet heaven.

Too Cute!

Too Cute!

One of the quirkiest demonstrations was the DOGA sessions from dog yoga ‘expert’ Mahny Djahanguiri and her Maltese Robbi. I did however have visions of trying to do this with my parents’ dogs Bob and Harry and I concluded that they would pretty much lick my face and make me fall over. My friend has an excitable shitzu called Mabel, with an equally excitable bladder so I am not sure some of the more ‘tummy up’ stretches would appeal either!

Just a normal day...

Just a normal day…

It was not all about cats and dogs, and I think that is what made the day such a success as it really drew in a variety of people. Who can forget the show jumping rabbits? And where else can you see ducks casually being herded like sheep, like ‘yep – this is perfectly normal!’

Show jumping rabbits

Show jumping rabbits

I found a few of the small furries and reptile talks a little less interesting, but hey that is just my ‘crazy cat lady’ roots shining through. I also spent a fortune on the product stalls – but overall the items are discounted and usually the new and creative items on the market. I got some very cute accessories for my cat Dexter, including a lovely new bow tie. Free samples galore were also much appreciated!

I would recommend to any animal lover that they book tickets next year, I will certainly make a repeat visit – front of queue!

Verdict: 10 / 10


Posted by Blogger Rachel Mullaney for KATZEN World blog.

Top Tips for Cat Owners – The Best of 2014

28 Dec

As the new year draws closer many of us are looking at ways to save money and enter 2015 with a budget in mind. That doesn’t mean that our pets have to suffer however, here are my top tips for keeping cat costs to a minimum:

Cat Milk

Cat milk can be one of the costliest treats out there – but as cats are lactose intolerant it is necessary to avoid cow milk. It’s not something I give my cats often, but when I do they love it, so I now buy a large carton of lactose free milk, and freeze individual food bags for my cats. You simply get out and after an hour or so pour into their bowls. It’s very simple and cost effective!



Cat Grass

Grow your own cat grass to keep cats occupied for hours!



Cat Birthday Parties

By throwing your cat a party each year your kitties get spoilt, but you have fun also. Make it cat themed with cat related food, music and fancy dress.








It’s a wrap!

15 Dec

Well this doesn’t actually help much in erasing my ‘crazy cat lover’ status but I just couldn’t resist. The best wrapping paper out there this year, is of course covered in cats. Available from The Cats Protection Christmas shop (www.cpchristmasshop.co.uk/shop/gift-wrap) for £3.45, this wrapping paper will also help the rescue cats that Cats Protection rescue, treat, keep safe and rehome each year.

Cats, cats cats!

Cats, cats cats!

Verdict: A charitable 10 / 10

Cute Alert: Happy Halloween from Dexter and Cleo

31 Oct
Happy Halloween from Cleo

Happy Halloween from Cleo

Trick or (Cat) Treat

Trick or (Cat) Treat

Christmas for Cat Lovers

27 Oct

Ok, let’s talk about the elephant in the room… My name’s Rachel and I am a cat-oholic.  Since becoming single I find myself sort of saying it under my breath like “yeah I have two cats” because of the crazy cat lady stigma. But after much soul searching I decided to come out as a cat owner as it were and deal with the consequences. After all – any man I meet will have to like my cats if they are going to be with me. “Meh, I think cats are alright” will no longer be my tagline.

So…I love cats! What is not to love? Their cute little paws, the way they give you a little nudge with a nose when you cry, as though to say ‘hey! Why are you crying, come and play instead?’ The way that you can provide complete bliss for your furry friend just by waving a ribbon creates lovely times and lots of giggles, and while I don’t run home thinking cats, cats, cats I do think that my house became a home the day that these spiky little bundles arrived. Cats are inherently selfish creatures, so to gain their love feels like a reward and humans do ponder over their ways – that much is clear from all of the literature out there.

My Cutie Dexter :-)

My Cutie Dexter 🙂

Today a new book has launched called Meow – A book of happiness for cat lovers. By Anouska Jones it currently retails at £12.95. This glossy hardback is a compendium of quotes that aim to capture the essence of this fascination. I actually really recommend this book for those cat lovers who hate books about cats. Rather than looking at the authors experience of carts, or god forbid doing it from a cat’s perspective. I actually hate those books with a passion (and trust me I have been given a few, the curse and blessing for a cat owner is cat related gifts) and much prefer books such as Simon’s Cat, which give a bit of a comedic angle on the crazy little things that cats do. This book has a feel of that about it – in that it collates the ponderings of many people.

Verdict: 7/10 definitely a one to get for cat owners if you are stuck for ideas!




While I am the topic of cat related gifts I must quickly mention another product I spotted recently on Amazon and have instantly ordered. Firstly it felt like it sums everything up in two words, secondly it is an absolute bargain at £1.79. Be aware as with all international orders this takes ages to arrive, so order early!

Because Cats

Verdict: 9/10 does what it says on the tin!

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