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Winter Eats: Homeburger

6 Dec

Sometimes you just want to stay indoors in the winter months, but it does mean that you miss out weekend treats at your favourite burger joint. I tried out Homeburger last weekend – and I was suitable impressed that restaurant quality burgers can indeed make their way to your front door with no compromise on the taste. I tried the delicious Bacon Bungalow with Cheese, at 9.50 it’s not the cheapest burger, but wow it is stacked with everything a good burger should be. A generous beef patty, oak smoked bacon, cheddar & American cheese, fried onion relish, pickles, tomato, baby gem lettuce, burger sauce and a lightly toasted bun.



Verdict: 9 / 10

On the side I’d also reccommend the melt in the mouth ‘Camemballs’ breaded little balls of heaven oozing with Camembert cheese and a cranberry jam to dip.


Verdict: 8 / 10

The Onion shards were pretty unique, buttermilk crispy fried sticks of onion, perfect to crunch your way through on the side or even add to a burger for some oomph.

Verdict: 8 / 10

Last but not least, the home fries are thick cut, extra chunky, extra crispy, and triple cooked. Perfect for dipping in the creamy (with a kick) chipotle mayo.

Verdict: 8 / 10



KERB Camden Market

17 Aug

KERB Camden Market is the newest and biggest player in London’s dynamic street food scene. Open 364 days a year, 35 of the capital’s best-known and most innovative traders will offer locals, Londoners and visitors a unique eating and drinking experience in this iconic canal-side place.

To celebrate the launch I went along this week with fellow food blogger Toli Benson (Fork My Pie Hole) to sample the food and drinks from street food legends such as Mother Clucker, Crabbie Shack, Killa Dilla and Roit House.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, hasn’t Camden always done street food? Well… perhaps, but this is another level. Gone are the sad dried up noodles, strange opening hours and that uneasy feeling you get as you perch by a rubbish bin to eat your wares (all the while watching out for pickpockets or flies landing!) It’s now sleek, laid out in a sensible and easy to navigate way, plenty of sitting and leaning areas and food that isn’t just convenient but is truly restaurant quality in flavour.

Check it out at www.kerbfood.com and take a look at some of our adventure below!

Incredibly happy and full 🙂

Incredibly happy and full :-)

The Patate – French burgers, think tender tender brisket oozing in raclette cheese. or blue cheese – any cheese they offer please it is french after all! 😉


The Mac Factory – OMG, I don’t usually rate mac and cheese, it’s a home food and I wouldn’t pay for it. How wrong I was – this crispy topped chorizo filled mac and cheese blew my mind!

Born & Raised Pizza
– covered in honey. Such a rich and indulgent taste, mixed with a really herby and delicious tomato base.


Fundi Pizza

Oli Baba’s HALLOUMI FRIES – Served with Za’atar Yogurt, Pomegranate Seeds, Mint and Sumac they are so very perfectly spiced, crisp and a total tummy pleaser.


STAKEhaus – a delicious sample of their steak and chips, dripping in garlic and herb butter. Pink and rare – just how I like it!

STAKEhaus - a delcisious sample of their steak and chips, dripping in garlic and herb butter. Pink and rare - just how I like it!

KillaDilla – more spice please, yes more – oh wow you guys know how to do spice 🙂

Boom – Belly Busted! 🙂


Verdict: 10/10 I cannot wait to go back!

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