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Mother’s Day

4 Mar

Mothering Sunday, it sounds so quaint, old fashioned and some might say even dated. Well that may be because it is – but wonderfully so. I’m all for a tradition where I get to celebrate the most important woman that there will ever be in my life.

When I think of Mother‘s Day I think of my own Mam, how amazing, funny and strong she is and what a brilliant childhood she gave us. I also think of my Nana and my Grandma, and how well they raised their children despite all of the challenges that they faced. We should appreciate these women all year round but if there’s a day to remind us to celebrate, then I am in!
I’ve put together some early gift ideas – spoil them rotten!
Sally Lees Contemporary Jewellery
If you want jewellery that will stand out get a gift for your mam from I Particularly love the Birthflower jewellery range, all of the jewellery, cufflinks and guitar picks are made in Sally’s London studio at Cockpit Arts. Inspiration comes from nature with her original drawings of flowers, birds and butterflies decorating each item.
Verdict: 10 / 10
Sainsbury’s have a fab range of gifts for Mother‘s Day this year – and they are reasonably priced too. I’ve included a few of my favourites below:
 1 2 3Verdict: 8 / 10
Design My World
Treat your mam to a gorgeous heart shaped bowl from At only £19.95 (and with a very cute heart shaped bamboo spoon included) it’s a great bargain, and beautifully designed. The White on the outside in contrast to the inner red colour will spice up any salad you serve, or look great filled with snacks for guests.

Founded in 2006, Design My World was born out of the idea that great design can be all around us. Products are handpicked to keep the designs fresh, fun and functional, and are all sourced  from  well known and up and coming design houses from around the world.

heart bowl1
Verdict: 10 / 10
Kitchen gadgets!
Crisp is a collection of creative tools which have been engineered to save time, and make perfect gifts. I love the garlic presser, so much tidier than an old school garlic crusher!
Verdict: 7 / 10
Rhubarb gin
It’s pink and it’s delicious, Warner Edward’s Victoria’s Rhubarb Gin would make a great Mother‘s Day gift. The bottle itself is also very pretty and it tastes great the subtle fruitiness brings back memories of summer – perfect chilled on the warmer days to come.
Verdict: 8 / 10
Champagne Beer
For something a bit different (and certainly for my beer and shandy loving mam!) champagne beer makes a more unusual gift. The bottle is rather majestic (curvy and tall like a prosecco bottle) and the flavour is spot on, lighter and bubblier than your typical beer.
Verdict: 9 / 10
Make up lover Mam
It can be hard when buying make up for another lady – each have their own preferences! A concealer pen (I have tested the amazing pen from Paul & Joe) is perfect as it is an essential for any make up bag. The Paul & Joe Beaute pen is priced at £18 and available from Selfridges, Beauty bay and ASOS.
Verdict: 8 / 10

The World’s Best Mam

15 Mar

I am sure everybody says that their mam is the best mam in the world. Every Mother’s Day of my childhood I wrote these words into my homemade cards. Technically, nobody can know if their mam is actually the best in the world. I mean – they only have one right? No room for comparison. However I can say with 100% certainty that I DO have the best. How do I know? Well firstly, and perhaps most obviously, the brilliant job she did in raising myself and my brothers and the lovely childhood that she gave us. Also… I just know! She is the only person I want to hug when I am sad, everytime something bad happens I spend about an hour quite seriously considering sacking off work and hopping on the next train back to Newcastle just for a cuddle off my mam. She is the person I want to tell any good news to first, and someone who I miss every day. I remember being punched in school and holding my head up high – refusing to cry and give the bully that satisfaction. Of course, all of that went out of the window the minute my mam arrived and I was a sobbing mess. There will never be anyone in the world who can see right through you in the way that your mam can. She may say black when I say white, she may have three keys missing on her keyboard and infuriate me with her mispelt Facebook posts, and she may talk louder on the telephone than anyone would think humanly possible, but I wouldn’t change a thing.

I am very thankful that she put up with my constant chatter box ways as a young child, my ‘rebellious’ teenage years, and also now as an adult that she still has my ways to put up with as the minute that I walk through the door I act like I am 15 again! All of the years worrying about three children is hard work, and I am very grateful for her bearing that burden and still keeping her sense of humour.

Only after saying all of this, I wake up this morning and realise despite shipping gifts back to Newcastle via a visiting relative I have actually forgot to send her a Mother’s Day card! This week the house I was moving into fell through and my life has been work, house searching, work and more house searching. So Sonia Mullaney please take this (and the belated card you will receive mid-week) as my message to you. You are amazing and I love you lots!



Smiling Sonia

Smiling Sonia

Very pink

Very pink

In Florida

In Florida

Questionable fashion sense

Questionable fashion sense

New Year

New Year

Family holidays

Family holidays



Cuddling her 'rebellious' teenager :-)

Cuddling her ‘rebellious’ teenager 🙂

Mothers Day Gifts

8 Mar

For sporty mam’s

If you have a sporty mam, or even if you want a hobby that you can share together anything from Speedos new range would go down well. I recommend the Speedo Fit Body Positioning Pinnacle Kickback. Packed with technology to help you improve your swimming technique, the vibrant-coloured Kickback suit features lightweight internal compression panels that focus your attention on your core, helping you to swim. Available at for £50, it’s not cheap but I do love hat you get access to their online app to track your progress.


Verdict: an eye catching 9/10

For foodie mam’s

If your mam loves to cook, why not buy her the gift of an easy meal by sending a Marley Spoon gift set. Marley Spoon’s Mother’s Day special starts at £26, and the concept behind the service is fresh, high quality ingredients delivered to you with a recipe to create at home. I trialled the rainbow trout and chicken pasta recipes and can confirm that portion sizes were generous and the food very tasty!



Verdict: I would order as a luxurious treat but a bit too pricey for everyday. Value: 6 / 10 Taste: 9 / 10

For boozy mam’s

While thinking about giving a recipe as a gift, why not combine that with alcohol. Tequilla Rose  is for sale on Drinksupermarket and also Selfridges from around £15. I tried the ‘Mothers Rose’ (designed by Jacob Hewlett-Case at Walrus Bar) recipe which you add 25ml of the liqueur to white hot chocolate. Very scrumptious!


Verdict: I usually hate tequila but this could change my mind! 7 / 10

If spirits aren’t her thing fear not there are always new additions to the wine market such as Rosso Nobile al Cioccolata, a rich red wine laced with decadent chocolate flavours. A bargain too at £5.99 per bottle with 6 case deals available at Rosso Nobile

Verdict: I could drink this all night (though I do have a sweet tooth) great for after dinner 8 / 10

For tea drinkers

For tea drinkers I love this colour changing mug from IWOOT Priced at £9.99 it’s a chunky mug to fit a generous drink and so very cute!


Verdict: 8/10

Musical mam’s

If your mam is partial to her tunes (even if it’s Abba and Blondie hits) she will love this little gadget. Boom Pod’s Downdraft speaker is wireless, charges easily with a mini USB and really gives out a hefty beat. I was actually shocked at how loud one little speaker could go! It’s also very sleek in design – almost like a large pebble. Sound clarity is brilliant, thought the range is limited.


Verdict: 9 / 10

Best for Value

If the budget is a little low this year, but you don’t want to compromise on quality head to Aldi. This classic real leather bag is only £7.99

Verdict: Not a whacky gift, but a good ‘safe option’ 8 / 10

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