MonBento Elements Bento Box!

16 Jun

Hi everyone,

You may not have read a post from me here before but that’s because I normally write about cats on my own Blog. 😮

Today I’d like to show you this summer’s perfect companion the MB Elements insulated bento box!




Made of stainless steel, this insulated bento box will keep foods warm or chilled for up to 5 hours. BPA free, the MB Element has been designed for people to prepare hot healthy lunches whilst on the move. The compact and versatile styling of this bento box makes it suitable for the most extreme of adventures and everyday living too.

We’ve been using this for a few weeks now and as they say it can keep cold things cold and hot things warm!

Perfect if you wish to take some ice cream to the park or keep the soup warm until lunch time at work.

Our one was the stylish onyx version which looks very sophisticated! In fact someone at work thought it was a posh hand bag style carrier. 😮



At £36 some people may think this is expensive BUT a wise person once said you get what you pay for and that is certainly the case with containers such as these. Have you ever had your soup leak into your bag on the way to work? Found that your ice cream got warm halfway to the park?

That won’t be a problem with this container! Thanks to the durable material and high quality manufacturing no spills have occured during our trial. And our ice cream stayed COLD on a trip to the park. 🙂

We give this a 10/10



See more over at formahouse

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