Fathers Day Gift Guide: 26 Days to go!

24 May

Ice Cava
Not all dad’s like beer! My dad, much like me is a massive wine and fizz fan. With summer upon us (rain and all!) and the opportunity to test out Freixenet Ice Cava I was delighted. It’s suggested that you serve it with mint or cucumber over ice and this is how I tried it – but after a sip of it on its own I can say that it’s just as good without! A perfect blend of sweet but not cloying and tiny fizzles that promise to refresh on even the hottest of summer evenings, I will certainly be getting a crate if this in for my next BBQ party!

The Freixenet range is available at Morrison’s and other UK supermarkets.

icVerdict: 8 / 10


Sometimes it’s the old classics that become the favourites and Grants is certainly a whiskey steeped in history. This would make a fab Father’s Day gift for those on a budget and is available at most supermarkets – even better package this up with his usual mixer and a posh bag of nuts and make your own Father’s Day hamper!

The Grant’s Family Reserve Whiskey (70cl) is priced from £16.49 and is available in most supermarkets.

Verdict: 7 / 10


Henry J Socks
Spoil your Dad with something useful, this year – and matching too! Henry J Socks do the cutest matching sets, and they feel so soft he will thank you for the comfort factor (and your Mam will thank you as it’ll be an excuse to throw some holey old ones away!)

Henry J Socks is a really cool subscription idea – for as little as £13.99 a pair of designer socks and matching boxer shorts direct to your dad’s door each month. Each gift-wrapped package contains a pair of socks sporting stripes, spots or bold block colours, as well as a complementary pair of boxer shorts. To send as a gift just sign up for a subscription at www.henryjsocks.co.uk and enter your dad’s name and address. He will receive six packages – with gift-wrapped pairs of socks and boxer shorts arriving on their doorstep each month.


Henry J Socks in Red and Blue

Verdict: 8 / 10


Kopparberg always makes a fab gift, for cider lovers that is. Fruity, light and perfect over ice in the summer. But what about beer drinkers? Well your time has arrived – Kopparberg have launched a new Fruit Lager, flavoured with Lemon and Lime! I found this to be a lot less sweet than the cider offering, but pleasantly so. The lager is very drinkable – perhaps a bit too much as I had both bottles that they sent me to review in one night!

It is available in most supermarkets for £5.99 for 4 bottles.


Verdict: 8 / 10


Keep dad clean-shaven this year (or for the bearded ones keep their beards nice and fresh!) Get them moisturised and pampered, men may not have a beauty regime as intensive as women, but they do love a good toiletry set! Erasmic do a great range, available in savers from £1.50.My dad has personally tested the shaving range for me, and said it gave a good clean shave with plenty of lather – grab a few of your favourites and put these into a gift box.

Great value

Verdict: 8 / 10

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