Coeliac Awareness Week 9th – 15th May

6 May

So next week (9th – 15th May) is national Coeliac Awareness Week. I hadn’t realised how much this condition can affect people, until I met my current housemate – who can’t even use the toaster in case one of my crumbs falls on his bread! Luckily for it’s many sufferers supermarkets are becoming much more savvy to the demand foe gluten free foods and there are now lots of delicious treats to choose from.

Here is a round up of some of my favourites!

Mrs Crimble’s
Mrs Crimble’s, Britain’s well-known gluten free bakery brand, is marking Coeliac Awareness Week (9th-15th May) with the launch of three new products: zesty Lemon Cookies, French Classic Madeleines and Chocolate Madeleines. My absolute favourite is the Chocolate Madeleines – as a chocoloate fiend, I absolutely love the gooey chocolate filling on this one!
With prices starting from 0.69p they are great value too. The delicious baked goods can be picked up in most supermarkets and Mrs Crimble’s entire range can be viewed at


Verdict: 9 / 10

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