New house!

20 Mar

Today is an exciting day, because it is the day that my gorgeous Matt and I move in together!


In true London form however it’s not shiny new house but rather I’m switching rooms with my housemate and redecorating to bring the place up in the world. Not the most romantic of stories, but it’s a scenario very common in my generation of London dwellers – generation rent. For double the price we could have moved to zone 3 and rented a cute little one bed, problem being that then we are trapped even further in the depths of the renting web (with all of our income on rent, and no chance to save) so hopefully a year of shared bills and rent will give us a chance to save a wee bit for the future – plus my boyfriend and my housemate get along splendidly so I’m sure it will be happy times.

As a blog based around living the London lifestyle on a budget I wanted to share with you my top money and space-saving house tips, and if you have any suggestions – please share also!


Local eBay Deals Mapper

If you ever have a spare evening (trust me it will eat up your time) check out Martin Lewis Money Saving Experts nifty little tool – Local eBay deals mapper. You simply type in your postcode and choose say a 5 mile radius and it will bring up all eBay items for collection in your area. Really useful when furnishing a house! Just make sure that you double-check the place and get a quote from a courier such as Addison Lee before you commit. For smaller items try cheap cab companies Kabbee or Uber.
It’s great as my top tip for rented living would be… do not buy anything new. Seriously. Ever year you may have to move, and every year a different shaped house to squeeze furniture in! Also all it takes is your housemate to spill red wine on that fancy new sofa and house drama will start. At least if you bought things second-hand, you are rest assured that you get the goods you love, but at a price that when you buy your own home you’ll already have money saved and everything can be shiny and new!

Here are some of the deals that I managed to win:

So super comfy, plus at £100 + £29.50 for courier delivery + £13 for my cab back home (couriers will not take you in the van, and eBay sellers often want you there to load at their end!)  = £142.50

A total bargain. (Saving £1,007.50)

American Fridge Freezer
It has always been my dream to own a ‘side-by-side’ fridge freezer. Yet in London Houses, all I have had is those tiny under the counter things. The only argument my housemate and I have ever had is over freezer space (yes I am selfish I freeze a lot, but I buy the appliances so swings and roundabouts!) Imagine my delight when I spotted this beast on eBay for £116. I am not going to lie, dismantling, carrying, putting back together was a nightmare. But all good now 🙂

Fridge/freezer £116 + courier £21.50 + bus journey home £0 = £137.50
Dreams come true! (Saving £862.50)

Space Savers

It’s a fine balance – but you want to fill every hidden space possible with your stuff, while keeping the visible places in your home clutter-free. I refuse to have less shoes, less clothing and less arts and crafts or cooking supplies just because I can only afford a rented flat. So I have found a few solutions that are easy to carry out around the home.

Inside Cupboard Doors
If your cupboards are not full all the way to the front (I.E. a plate cupboard as opposed to a food cupboard) you can hang items on the back of the door. Ikea do an iron holder, small hooks from the pound shop means you can hang paintbrushes or hair accessories. I love this little behind door spice rack from Amazon – at £8.95 definitely worth it for the space it makes!

spice rack


Under Couches and Wardrobes
I buy these Vacuum seal bags (lavender-scented) from Poundland. They are great for storing winter coats in the summer (or summer dresses in the winter) it frees up wardrobe space, and uses ‘dead’ space around the home.

blog vacuum bag


Backs of Doors
The back of a door is a much underused space. Sure you can hang one towel on there – or use a shoe holder like this from the IKEA SKUBB range and hang a whole host of toiletries in your bathroom, or make up in your bedroom. In the garage or store cupboard use one to hang all of your tools, paintbrushes and the like.

blog skubb-hanging-shoe-organiser-w-pockets-white__0249501_PE387776_S4

Hooks, Hooks, Hooks!
Self explanatory really, any unused little space, corner or tucked away side of bookshelf, add a hook. You can hang anything! In our new bedroom we are even making use the walls to hang my boyfriends guitars, as floor space is a premium!
Amazon do great (and very) cheap Guitar Hooks:
blog guitar hooksArgos do a range of ‘over door hooks
blog hooksI hope that this gives you some inspiration for future house sorting – and do let me know of any tips and tricks that I can use also!

Thanks for reading,



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