16 Mar

Thursday is the wonderful (if a little drunken!) St Patrick’s Day. While it is best celebrated in a dark and dusty pub, there are also some great products to try out for the occasion.

In honour of the Emerald Isle, Yorkshire-based company, HECK, has created the new FECK sausage which includes a slurp of Irish stout to properly toast the popular Irish holiday. The company will be giving away a free pack of FECK with every regular online order and are urging customers to try a bit of sausage grilled, baked, BBQ’d or fried with a dollop of Colcannon on the side.

As a slimming world fan, I have always loved the HECK chicken sausages, they are so low in fat – a dieters dream – so I was really looking forward to tasting the delicious FECK pork sausages. They did not disappoint! Gluten free and high quality ingredients, and they tasted great!

The money-saver within me also loves that the sausages available at www.heckfood.co.uk for £3 can also be mix and matched with 10 packets costing a discounted £25.


Verdict: 9 / 10

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