Valentine’s valentines valentines

10 Feb

It’s a touchy subject at times among my friends. Most of them are too cool to take part in such mass consumerism. Yet ironically most of the women that I know would be awfully disappointed if they received nothing at all! I think there can be that perfect balance of ‘thoughtful consumerism’ and of course more importantly just setting aside the night as a couple to be a bit romantic. I have put together some Valentines gift ideas:

Cute is a theme that always goes down well when buying gifts for women. Zazzle certainly has this covered, with a whole range of gifts (some personalised) all available to buy online.

Zazzle Mugs  These little cuties are a perfect Valentines pairing for bringing your loved one a coffee that morning! Available at for £14.80.
zaxxle mug
Verdict: A very cute 8 / 10


For the geeky beer lover
If your partner is a beer lover and a bit of a geek all in one then they will love the new 0101 range.

Customer engagement agency Havas helia has worked with IBM Watson to capture the mood of the nation during the New Year party season to create a world first – a beer that tastes of joy and optimism.

Data experts at Havas helia analysed thousands of New Year related messages on social media and matched them with a range of emotional states. The top most shared emotions were love, joy, harmony, cheerfulness, optimism, resolution and excitement.

By using Watson Personality Insights, a tool that analyses language to produce a personality profile, Havas helia was able to categorise each beer according to different human characteristics, such as assertive, friendly or intelligent.

I tried ‘Pure Joy’ and it’s incredibly yummy! it reminded me of a slightly sweeter Punk IPA from the Brewdog range.

beerVerdict: 9 / 10
Healthy Treats for Valentines Weekend
Coconut is one of the latest health foods on the supermarket shelves. Coconut oil in cooking, coconut water for drinking, it’s long been known for health benefits but has only recently become readily available. I love the new Ape Coconut Curls. In lightly salted and slightly peppered flavours they are certainly something different. And with only 109 calories per bag, it’s time to put away the potato chips and try something new! I was impressed with how flavourful they are – but I must admit the mind boggled at such a sweet snack being reimagined as savoury! The snacks are available at Ocado; Morrisons; Planet Organic; As Nature Intended; Revital, and Nourish (Ireland).

Verdict: 7 / 10

Valentines Foodie Gift
I am a massive fan of any company that can deliver me a box, include recipes and save me a whole bunch of beans on toast with my questionable kitchen skills. The Riverford Organic Farms recipe box is called The Happy Pear, thanks to it’s two chefs, Irish twins, David and Steven Flynn, who are also are part of Jamie Oliver’s FoodTube.  All of the ingredients are fresh from the farm (mud and all!)

I tried a box and made the coconut Dahl (yummy!) the five bean chilli (easy!) and the Spanish bake (with a 70 minute prep time it’s the only disappointment of the bunch) over the course of a week.
Priced at £33.99 per weekly box of three meals, it’s certainly not the cheapest option. But for freshness and ease of use I was suitably impressed and (if I had the money!) would definitely be signing up.

Verdict: 7 / 10

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