Festive Food with a Twist

22 Dec

I had never visited a Wagamama before – so I was delighted to try something new, especially as it involved a new festive menu! Japanese-inspired, Wagamama may not be the first thing you think of when thinking Christmas, but its dishes are certainly warming and a welcome reprieve from all of those sunday roasts and pork pies! My boyfriend Matt and I tried the hearty ramen bowls, and we were very impressed.

Matt had the new seafood ramen is made up of sea bream, grilled tiger prawns and breaded tilapia – all served on a bed of noodles in a steaming vegetable broth and garnished with pea shoots, wakame and samphire. I was very jealous – that is until mine arrived, the short rib ramen. fragrant, meaty, yet at the same time it felt more guilt free and less stodgy than say going to the pub for a burger. All ramen are under £15, so fairly reasonable and we washed it down with strange beer and delicious plum wine. Visit www.wagamama.com to check out the menu, and pop along for lunch to try it for yourself!



Verdict: 9 / 10

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