3 Weeks until Christmas!

5 Dec

With only 3 weeks to go until Santa climbs down those chimneys, check out my latest gifts round up for some shopping inspiration!

The Haciendas Award Winning Wine

Not to be a snob about it, but if you are giving wine this Christmas – at least make sure it’s award winning! The Haciendas Company do a wonderful Christmas hamper for £99 which is actually great value for  amount of premium wines meats and cheeses included. I tried the ‘more in my budget’ option of the Marques de la Concordia MM Seleccion Especial Cava Brut. At only £10.99 a bottle I could drink this all Christmas Day, it’s delicious! Not too sweet and no tinny aftertaste, and very moreish!

The Haciendas company offer a wide range of premium wines and produce all from the heart of the Duero Valley in Salamanca. The range is also very handily available at Amazon.



Verdict: a tasty 9/10


Lidl Craft Sets

This weekend in Lidl there are three amazing craft sets, one for calligraphy (complete with its own letter stamper!) one for charcoal drawing, and one wood burner for crafts on wood, cork and leather. To me this is absolute heaven, as priced at £4.99-£7.99 these sets are an absolute bargain!




Verdict: 10/10


The gift of giggle

I have always been a fan of giving and receiving books for christmas – though not just any old book it really should be one that you can recommend and have read or heard a great review about – to give the gift meaning. If like me you’ve ran out of time to do much reading this year another option is to give a book that makes people giggle! I’ve long been a fan of the type of books such as The Bunny Suicides, Cyanide and Happiness and Why Steve was Late. That’s why I really rate this new release from Prion Books ‘Badly Timed Boners’ by Jolyon White. Some of the cartoons are a little obvious, but others (mostly the ones where you can’t actually see the ‘boner’ but have to use your imagination were genuinely funny. Available from Prion Books or retailers such as Amazon at £9.99 this would make a perfect stocking filler.


Verdict: 7/10


Friendship heart

When choosing a gift for a close girl friend it’s a balance between choosing something pretty and unique, but also something that they won’t have already. I love these one of a kind friendship hearts from Peach Perfect made of  hand blown glass, and 12cm tall they are very pretty to hang catching the light with whatever colour you’ve chosen. Priced at £13 you can buy these from the Peach Perfect website www.peachperfect.co.uk.




Verdict: 8/10



If you love stationary – you will love every single thing on the Paperblanks website. In fact giving the gifts away, will be a bit difficult for you! My favourite are the blank paged journals, they are high quality and gorgeous too. The cars and butterflies Journal is £11.99 and available via the website, in a John Lewis and on Amazon.



Verdict: 9/10


Tequila Rose

Tequila Rose is a blend of strawberry flavoured cream liqueur with a splash of premium Mexican Tequila. The combination may sound a little strange, but this liqueur is huge in America, and is now the 5th biggest cream liqueur globally. I wasn’t convinced at all! However after a tasting session I can confirm, it’s actually really tasty! Think the creamy strawberry sweetness from the centre of Cadbury’s Roses chocolates – very reminiscent of Bailey’s in texture. A really unique gift, this is bound to be a winner.


Verdict: 8/10



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