Friday Gift Guide…7 Weeks Until Christmas

6 Nov

Christmas can be a frightful time of the year (if you have to rush around Oxford street like a headless chicken that is!) so over the next seven weeks I wanted to share some gift inspiration. From the budget to the splurge options, with home made ideas too! If you have any fabulous suggestions please feel free to leave in the comments box below.

Admittedly there are a lot more gifts on the shelves for women. The catch however is that each woman will have personal taste – and there is a lot of tat out there! Just because its pink or pretty doesn’t make the content any good so I want to give men a head start this year! And for men, the struggle can be that some of the items that they really really want are usually the top end of the budget scale. So us women need to splash the cash, or look for those little less obvious hints at what the men in our life would love as a gift.


Chocolate lovers
creativetops have an amazing little invention that they call a ‘coco pot’ it has an sturdy aluminium body with a non-stick inner coating and even comes with its own silicon matt. It feels very old-fashioned (in a kind of trendy way) popping it onto the hob to make your delicious hot drinks. You need some chocolate (whether that be drops, flakes, powder or buttons) some warm milk and the clever Coco pot with its integrated frother will create ‘the most luxurious treat of rich and uber-bubbly hot chocolate.’ I certainly enjoyed it and it also felt a lot nicer knowing it was home made and I could choose my ingredients. It also makes milkshake too – but I have not attempted that one yet!
Visit to look for stockists in your area.

It makes milkshakes too!
Verdict: 9 / 10 (this would have been a 10 if not for the fact it wobbled about on my hob a bit)


Interior design Queens
If you are going to be spending more time in the house to keep warm, you may as well suround yourself with lovely decor and home products. I cannot contain my excitement about how much I love love love this Scrabble Light from Prezzy Box. I awaited it’s arrival with much anticipation – only to then realise that I had no idea what to write on it! Luckily you get so many reusable stickers that you can change it up as much as you like. You can buy this for £17.99 at PrezzyBox.

It even looks like a scrabble game in the box!

It even looks like a scrabble game in the box!



Verdict: 8 / 10 This would definitely have been a 10 if the tiles were just a little larger. Still very cute though!


Mums, Aunts, Grandmas
Stick to something useful (let’s face it with each passing year ones house becomes cluttered with the more ‘quirky’ gifts) but also make sure you put quality first. I tried the Fenjal Spa range and would really recommend it as opposed to the gift sets of unknown branded toiletries. It won’t irritate sensitive skin, and this swiss brand has been around for over 40 years so they really know what they are doing!

Simplicity and Luxury all in one

Simplicity and Luxury all in one

It’s actually great if you are on a budget too!

fenjal Crème Bath Oil 125ml RRP is £8.07
fenjal Crème Bath Oil 200ml RRP is £11.42
fenjal Classic Hand Crème RRP is £4.25
fenjal Crème Body Wash RRP is £4.27
fenjal Hydrating Body Lotion RRP is £5.36
fenjal Sensuous Body Spray RRP is £3.52
fenjal Delicate Body Powder RRP is £3.30
fenjal Classic Shower Oil RRP is £5.49

Top Tip: If you arrange in a lovely basket it will look like a much more bespoke offering.

Verdict: 9 / 10


For the Traveller
If you have a friend with the travelling bug, the perfect gift would be the Bonjour City Map-Guides. With a London, Paris and New York version these hybrid city map-guides are made by globe-trotting filmmaker Marin Montagut and offer readers his curated recommendations for shopping, dining, and attractions. Available for around £6.50 at Amazon.


Verdict: 8 / 10
For the pub grub fan
Know a pork scratching loving, beer drinking, manly fella (or indeed lass) who could do with a dose of filthy awesomeness under the Christmas tree? Look no more! The Snaffling Pig Co. produce delicious double cooked gourmet pork scratching’s. And with nine delicious flavours to choose from, including tangy Salt & Vinegar, fiery Ghost Chilli and their all new ‘Funkin Fennel’ and ‘Maple’ they aren’t your bog standard bar snacks either. What I really love about them is the large and very giftable jar that they come in.
You can get your trotters on The Snaffling Pig Co. products at Ocado, Not On The High Street, online grocery retailer; ‘Shops by My Supermarket’, on their website at


Verdict: 8 / 10 (definitely better to give these than receive, imagine the scales come January!)


For the music lover
Genie Gadgets are selling a genius gadget! (funny that) These neo technology earphones utilise sound reactive technology to illuminate and pulsate in time with your favourite tracks. They have a micro USB cable and built-in microphone so are great for on the go. I found the sound quality to be surprisingly good, and also quite a cute option for a dark evening so you aren’t hunting around to put the ear bud in. You can buy these for £8.95 at


Verdict: 8/10



For the cute ones
It can be hard buying for babies, especially as they grow out of clothes so quickly! I love the My 1st Years Elephant Playmat At £50 it’s not cheap, but it is such a high quality and feels so super soft, I almost wanted to roll around on it myself! You can order the hippo, elephant or lamb playmat all are comfy for baby and cute for the nursery!



Verdict: 9/10
For the smelly one
Is your partner a gym freak? Great, but you don’t want the dirty washing smelling up the place. These fab little bags from Stnky allows you to separate your gym kit from the rest so it doesn’t get all sweaty. Perfect for going out straight from the gym when you don’t have to go home to drop off your bag. With compartments for trainers too, and all you have to do is throw the bag right into the wash when you get home as it has a breathable lining so no unpacking necessary! A unique gift for busy people, available at

Verdict: 8/10 (I didn’t expect to love this as much as I do, but I think it’s really handy!)


For the princess of the house
I often talk to the fact that buying children clothes is a risky business – they grow up so fast, sizing can be an issue hen giving a gift. However for these gorgeous unicorn leggings I think you won’t go wrong.
Available in sizes 0-6 months, 6-12 months, 1-2 years, 3-4 years, RRP £10.00 little girls will love the new Blade & Rose collection, with magical unicorns, pretty in pink elephants and a punk princess heart and wing design to choose from. I was really impressed with the quality, I think they will keep the little princess in your life warm, and will be durable too. I wish that they did unicorn leggings in adult sizes too! Available at


Verdict: 8 / 10








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