Matt Jones – My little space of calm

27 Sep

There is a common saying in this country, that ‘time flies when you are having fun’. In the past I had never really rated this phrase as I always thought sure, but it also flies when you are busy, or even when you feeling stressed. Think about deadlines at work or in study – the minutes never seem to go faster than at these times.

This year however has proven me wrong – as time really has flown by, and for all the right reasons. Instead of stressing, dwelling on my future or past, I have learned (for the first time since I arrived in London) how to fully enjoy the present moment. It is all thanks to one amazing man, and I want to wish my gorgeous boyfriend Matt Jones a very happy one year anniversary!

Sunday cuddle

Sunday cuddle

Last year, after I complained that I needed to be a bit less emotional in love, a close friend said to me, “Mullaney, you need to accept no less than a man who can not only handle all your loud crazy northerness but also love you more for it – find someone who can keep up with you!” I am so grateful that I took that advice and I have found that person. It’s more than comforting to know that I have finally found my ‘little space of calm’. Ironic I know, since we are both a bit intense – but my gorgeous boyfriend is someone who truly loves me for myself, just as I am. That acceptance and love is the best gift that life can give – and it allows me to believe that we can survive anything that universe decides to throw at us, together.

I wasn’t looking for love when we met, but as we all know life has other plans than those that we create for ourselves! He well be the grumpiest person that I have ever met in the mornings, but he is also the most kind, loving and awesome person and I know that we are going to have the happiest life together.

I love you Matt Jones!

(Soppy post of the year over – I promise!)

Rachel xxx


'Meet the parents' day

‘Meet the parents’ day



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