Organic September

10 Sep

September marks the start of the ‘Organic September’ campaign launched by the Soil Association. They belive that if you make small changes each day, it makes a big difference. You can download a free guide from their website at which includes 30 tips on how to make small changes. As I fast approach 30 I myself have made a few changes to lead a healthier lifestyle so will certainly be giving their 30 changes a try this month!

I have tried and tested a few products that have certainly convinced me that organic is indeed very tasty.

Organic Rooibos Tea
I used to consider myself a coffee lover, but recently with so many exciting flavours available in supermarkets now my afternoons are certainly more tea filled.  The Kromland Farm Organic Rooibos Tea comes in a range of flavours, and I tried the caramel tea. To give you a short history Kromland Farm have been cultivating rooibos since 1902, and South Africa’s indigenous Khoisan people have been enjoying its rich flavour for millennia. The tea is 100% organic, and boasts many health benefits. While I cannot pass comment on this (my doctor days ended when I put down my toy stethoscope aged 8) I can indeed vouch that this is one of the most flavourful and delicious teas that I have ever tasted. Unlike green tea, no matter how long I leave my bag in the cup there is never a bitter taste. It seems to get better with time actually, and the caramel and notes of vanilla are prominent. Not sweetened or artificial at all it’s a real treat to get x = flavour + goodforyou all in one sip.

At £2.49 per pack of 40 tea bags, it is also a real penny pincher as most boxes of tea will only come in 20’s.

No useage without permission.

huge box – easy to seal again!

Me and fellow blogger Sally showing how 'wow' we are about this tea :-)

Me and fellow blogger Sally showing how ‘wow’ we are about this tea 🙂

Verdict: drumroll… I never do this 10 / 10!!!

Organic Yoghurt
Okay okay, I guess I am biased here. But this next product is one of my faves before I even pop the spoon to my mouth because of the name alone…Rachel’s!
Rachel’s is based in Aberystwyth, West Wales, and is Britain’s first organic dairy and pioneer of branded organic dairy produce. All products are made simply using the highest quality pure organic ingredients, with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.  The new Limited Edition Fig & Honey is absolutely divine (shh – don’t tell my Slimming World Consultant about all this food I am scoffing!) Recipes for how to use it more creatively can be found at The bio-yoghurt is available from Waitrose, Morrisons, Booths and on Ocado, and is priced at RRP £1.79 for a 450g pot.

Such a lovely combination

Such a lovely combination

Verdict: a very yummy 8 / 10. I would love to see a 0% fat version of such a luxurious flavour.

Nairns Organic Oatcakes

There is not much to say about an oatcake hey? an oatcake is an oatcake. Except..why do so many brands get it wrong! Dry, dusty, or simply quick to go stale in packets that don’t seal well afterwards. Nairns have combatted this with 4 individual pouches of 6 oatcakes per pack. Organic oatcakes are made with a wheat free recipe, high in soluble fibre and packed full of slow-release energy carbohydrates. They contain no added sugar, GM ingredients, artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives. So you can enjoy these as a totally guilt free treat! The team at Nairns have been  making oats since 1896 on the Scottish border, so they clearly know their stuff!
Each pack is £1.09 so not bad on the old bank balance either.

Add peanut butter and nutella for an amazing treat! Or low fat cream cheese if you need to keep it light.

Add peanut butter and nutella for an amazing treat! Or low fat cream cheese if you need to keep it light.

Verdict: 8 / 10

Clearspring Snack Organic Tamari Roasted Sicilian Almonds

It is said that organic food tastes nicer, fuller and fresher flavours. With these almonds I would certainly agree – they wer so moreish! They had the perfect balance between crunch and succulent, and were spiced well. The pack isn’t huge, and each pack is £1.49 so certainly a gourmet treat for the lucnhbox!



Verdict: 7 / 10

Small changes start at home

Out of the kitchen and into the home, I think that the whole eco friendly lifestyle is also one to give a try this September. In for a penny in for a pound they say! On that note I wanted to share some eco friendly and ethically sourced products that you can use in the home.

Eco Friendly Home
I think that a bit of an autumn clean is as good as a spring clean. As the temperature becomes chilly a messy house can lead to mice and bug trying to take shelter! As a pet owner however I need my cleaning products to be non toxic and pet safe. Miss Gleam is safe on skin, around children and pets and is entirely eco-friendly. The brainchild of a housewife and mother of 4 whom was searching for safe and effective cleaning products, Mrs Gleam has grown from an idea within the kitchen to becoming a regular demonstration feature on home shopping channel QVC as well on the shelves at local Co-op / Lakeland / TK Maxx stores.

Pretty packaging too!

Pretty packaging too!

Verdict: I love the simplicity of this product – it cleans (and well may I add) but none of the nasties. A definite 8 / 10 

Paper it
Paprcuts is a German brand which produces extra durable paper items such as wallets, smartphone/tablet covers, diarys, notebooks and tobacco pouches. They believe in ethical production and won’t produce where the product cannot be made fairly and locally, and even offer a 12 month guarantee for tear and wear they are so confident about the strength of the super light paper products. Available via the website at Here a few of my favourites:

Pug make up bag

Pug make up bag

Mix tape wallet

Mix tape wallet

Cat tobbacco pouch

Cat tobbacco pouch

Verdict: A very cute and unique concept 9 / 10 


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