Up at the O2

2 Jul

It seemed like a bit of a strange concept to me – pay money to walk over the top of a building? What will they think of next. But the more I thought about it the better it seemed. Who doesn’t want to be 52 meters up looking out at London’s vast landscape? (the answer being probably those afraid of heights!) So when I was offered the chance to go Up the O2 with my dad in advance of father’s day I couldn’t be happier.

Groups are up to 16 in numbers and are taken on their journey with one instructor, in my case a lovely guy called Liam (he was very knowledgeable about all things O2 and all things London). The climb is a little steep at first but even in my unfit state it was manageable! The climb takes around 90 minutes, half an hour to hear about safety and to get your gear on (in the summer this is a little vest to protect your clothing plus a harness, in the winter a full climbing suit to protect against the elements) and then an hour for the climb. You get around half an hour at the top and the views are amazing! There is a certain calm about being on top of all the hustle and bustle in the summer sun. The descent is a little tougher mentally as it makes you feel very high up, but was very fun as due to the bouncy walk way you feel like you are ‘bouncing’ your way down.

I would definitely recommend this adventure as a gift to share with a loved one, certainly something unique to do in London!

Tickets are priced between £28 and £35, book via the website here.

The easy part

The easy part

At the top

At the top

O2 selfie with my dad!

O2 selfie with my dad!



The last bit of the descent

The last bit

Verdict: 9 / 10


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