Tastecard by Tube

1 Jun

At 28 years of age, working in the averagely paid media sector and living in a ridiculously expensive rented flat share in London, I often find myself down to the last few pennies before pay day. It can be relatively depressing plugging away in the city and contending with how highly priced things are. Sure, some of my friends don’t even bat an eyelid at a £6 glass of wine. I just can’t help it though as I compare everything to Newcastle price, and moreover have to scrimp at times despite being quite money savvy. My advice to anyone in my situation would be to not lose hope. Keep working hard – go out, have fun, enjoy yourself. But when you do indulge do it wisely and make sure you pay a ‘locals’ price I read of a tourists one. One useful way to do so is to sign up to restaurant discount cards such as Tastecard head over to My Voucher Codes for the latest deals) You can get 50% off food across a whole host of restaurants in the capital. 

Here are a selection of my favourites:


Pizza Express: not an inventive choice, but a good old staple if you fancy a quick bite with friends.

The Tommyfield: This lovely little pub serves English classics, haute cuisine maybe not but a great choice for burger lovers.

– @15: A mixture of British, French and Mediteranean on the menu, ideal for stuffing your face if visiting friends after work.

Upper street in Angel has so many Tastecard options – which is just as well given it can get pricey around that area! 

Cafe La Davina: Simple, fresh Itallian food in this family run restaurant – it is a perfect restaurant for really drawing out the evening with multiple courses and wine if course!

Jamon Jamon: Formerly called Sangria it has a fair selection of Tapas dishes, though the restaurant can get a little crowded

Comedor Grill and Bar: Delicious steak, but as it’s one of those places where each side to go with the steak costs extra it can still add up on the final albeit discounted bill.

Old Steet

Thai Thai: I am almost loathed to list this restaurant as the servers there are so rude (I’ve been around ten times over the past three years, it never changes!) but my heavens they cook the most delicious thai food! If you can get over the poor service it’s definitely worth a go – try the duck curry if you want something quite fiery!

Finsbury Park / Stoke Newington

Il Bacio: Classic family run Italian food, with choices including steak, and a variation of pastas and pizza there is a really lovely warm atmosphere here.

Kings Cross

Sade Restaurant: a bit of a walk away but worth it, this Turkish restaurant serves delicious sharing platters, and for a meat lover such as myself the juiciest lamb.

St Pancras International

Fine Burger Co: Great for a quick bite before a train journey, with the freshest ingredients you can get a decent burger and divine spicy onion rings!

Oval / Vauxhall 

Mumbai Delight: phoar what a decent curry! I need say no more 🙂

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