Frame Again

21 May

With anything new and quirky on the market often the hype outweighs the reality of the product. I was kindly sent a credit code to create and review the personalised photo frames from ‘Frame Again’ ( Frame Again are an e-commerce start up launched less than a year ago by two Camden Town Entrepreneurs who turned down Dragons’ Den funding and went on to successfully crowdfund the finance they needed. The concept behind the business is that the tradition of print is one that we should not give up – and I can’t help but agree. Nothing brings a smile to a face like a favourite photo and it’s much easier to view these around the house as opposed to logging  on to a computer or tablet.

I often look at the latest ‘crowdfunded’ ideas and wonder where they will go – and with Frame Again I am pleased that it is a success story as I can confirm that I absolutely adore their frames.
Firstly you choose the colour of the outer ring on the frame, then the inner ring. The frames are held shut by magnets, making the photo easy to replace, not that I would want to however as it was very high quality.

At RRP £9.99 I expected quite a small frame but they are much larger (pleasant surprise!) than I expected, and also due to the magnets they nestle nicely alongside each other. There is also a hole in the back to allow you to hang the frame on the wall.

I chose my favourite pictures of my boyfriend and matched the colour scheme to my duck egg ad teal bedroom. I cannot wait until Frame Again expands even further and introduces a multitude of sizes, as I think that some mini frames would work perfectly on a desk, or a bedside table.

Larger than expected

Larger than expected

Vivid colour and high quality

Vivid colour and high quality

Verdict: 9/10


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