Swingers London

20 Jan

From the minute is was first announced late 2014 to present Swingers London has been fully booked for weeks in advance. What is you may ask? some sordid sex club? Alas not, it is…mini golf. The Institute of Competitive Socialising (whatever that is) have taken over a warehouse in Shoreditch and converted it into a 9 hole crazy golf course. Tickets are £10 online and guest passes (for those not playing are £3) which for a night of fun, isn’t actually too bad for London prices.

Upon arrival you are given a time slot (so if you have booked 9pm-11pm you may end up playing as late as 11. After checking in you wait in the bar area. This is the bit where it goes a little wrong. The music is very loud. I know I know I’m a 28-year-old granny these days, ” oh the young ones must love it” Well… there were no ‘young ones’ in sight, it was more your middle class late 20’s – early 30’s accountant types, hipster types, and even a few ‘made in Chelsea’ types. So no need for it to be so loud, so early especially when you want to drink and gossip with your friends. My second major criticism about the venue is how greedy they have been when pricing drinks. Cider was £5.80 per bottle, and a large glass of wine started at £6.50, their large being 175ml (aka not at all my large, or the large of most bars in London) It really hampered the night having to limit the drinks consumed. Food it extremely pricey too with pizzas £8-£10 – though it looked very good and I will say that I did manage to find home cut chips with a thai curry sauce on top for £3.50 which was much more reasonable price, really filling and delicious.
So down to the golf! On first impressions with people in relentless queue for each hole it didn’t look too appealing. The room is heated with large electric heaters all over the golf area too – it was a bit hot. However,once you get into the swing (oh puntastic) of things, it is immensely fun. It lasts quite a while and refreshments are available along the way and all in all is a brilliant experience.
We just need some other London business to create a similar concept – in somewhere other than hipster land – with more affordable drinks!



Hole in One?

Hole in One?

The Birthday girl planning her next strike

The Birthday girl planning her next strike

Verdict: 9 / 10 for fun 4 / 10 for value


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