Sweet Substitutes

17 Jan

Continuing with the detox for january theme, another food group that I miss when healthy eating is that of the sugary sweets group. Whether it’s a cheeky packet of haribo starmix, a flump or a refresher bar I am an absolute sugar addict and can think of no nicer treat than some sort of ‘sweetie’. I was sent a product called ‘slim fruits’ to trial. Slim Fruits’ are two calories per sweet and contain the same fibre content as six slices of wholemeal bread – minus the carbohydrates and fat. They claim to be the world’s first product to harness the beneficial properties of soluble fibre.  According to the manufacturer, once eaten, they will combine with water in the stomach and swell which helps to suppress hunger pangs.
I tried out two flavours, the Luscious Peach Melba and Luscious Rhubarb & Strawberry. Both are small, hard gummy pastilles. They remind me of those fruit gums – you know the ones; texture of a fruit pastel that has had all the sugar rubbed off and the water sucked out of it. At first, not all that appealing. However it does mean that the sweet lasts a long time, is harder to chew and if nothing else occupies your mouth. I’m not sure that I felt so much fuller – but perhaps that is just my large appetite. Psychologically I think that you could convince yourself that they do however, plus it did stop me snacking at work. Sitting at my desk somehow little sweets make their way over, so if I’m going to snack it may as well be on one of these! They are available from www.boots.com or www.hollandandbarrett.com at £1.89 per pack.

Verdict: A tasty 7 / 10

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