New Year Detox – The Drinks Chapter

14 Jan

As much as New Year is often about counting the calories and losing weight, it is also the perfect time for a detox. Winter weather, boozy evenings and late nights working can leave you feeling sluggish and unhealthy. This January I am switching coffee for tea, and have tried out the new range from Twinings.

Twinings Revitalising Lemon and Ginger

A very strong, zingy and refreshing flavour I found this tea to be one that I would prefer a cup of every now and then due to its full on nature. I imagine fans of lemon and ginger would prefer how strong it tastes, but for me it is a little too much. Ginger has traditionally been used to aid digestion, so I will keep this for a cuppa when my tummy needs a little TLC. (Available at Waitrose and Ocado for £1.49)

Verdict: Not one for lemon haters 5 / 10


Twinings Nettle Tea


The flavours in this tea are very subtle – and delicious. The slightly grassy taste is not for everyone, but after a Christmas filled with rich and heavy meals I have welcomed a drink that tastes very healthy and natural. Available at Waitrose and Ocado for £1.49)

Verdict: 8 / 10

Twinings Moroccan Mint and Rose Green Tea


Saving the best for last, my favourite new flavour from Twinings is the Moroccan mint with rose green tea. The rose is very subtle, and the mint a medium strength making it as flavour filled as it is refreshing. I usually tolerate and not love the sour taste of green tea, but in this infusion it takes on a much more delicious form. I could drink this all day! (Available in a bag of loose tea at Waitrose and Ocado at for £3.49)

Verdict: Spot on 10 / 10

One Response to “New Year Detox – The Drinks Chapter”

  1. Huw Wakeling January 14, 2015 at 8:22 PM #

    You’ve put the tea that is ‘saving the best for last’ second in your list of three… :-p

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