Gifts for Children

16 Dec

London Zoo

In London there is often a huge emphasis on luxury, bespoke or not on the high street gifts. London Zoo’s children’s range is certainly something a bit different. This Christmas bring storytelling to life with one of ZSL’s hand-puppets, and a matching foam mask to go with the book, on a special offer of just £12 for all three.

Lion: I really love this hand puppet as it reminds me of hand puppets from my own childhood. It’s very plush on the outside but a little scratchy on the inside!

Book: A brilliant little book filled with vivid colours. The storyline looks at what would happen if a lion came to stay over. How would you look after it? Where would it sleep? By Lisa Regan.

Mask: While a lot of fun, I would question the sturdiness of these masks. The elastic quickly breaks and that’s without a child pulling at this!

lion2 lion

Verdict: 7 / 10



When buying gifts for toddlers it’s always a little more complicated. Not only does the gift have to be interesting it also has to be safe and educational too. Kiddicare has a great range of ‘Brain Buzz’ gifts this year, and it’s a brand that is well known and trusted. My two favourites are:

Buzzing Brains pull along caterpillar

This cute guy can be wheeled along, all the while flashing lights and playing funny sounds and melodies. it encourages toddlers to practice walking. Priced at £12.99

Verdict: A fun and useful 9 / 10

Buzzing Brains Pull Along Caterpillar

Buzzing Brains Pull Along Caterpillar

Buzzing Brains Xylophone

A twist on the classic xylophone as this item is completely wooden. It still makes a beautiful dong noise when hit with the wooden sticks bit has a retro and old school feel. Priced at £14.99

Buzzing Brains Xylophone

Buzzing Brains Xylophone

Verdict: not too imaginative but certainly a well received classic 7 / 10



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