Buffalo Wingtober Part 1: MEATmarket

18 Nov

‘Chicken Expert’ (trust me it’s all she eats) Toli Benson Reviews Meat Mission, Meat Liquor and MEATmarket.

life of pie hole

wing mountain, courtesy of Meat Mission... drooool wing mountain, courtesy of MEATmission… drooool

In the first of my themed months I’m tackling one of my favourite guilty pleasures… Buffalo wings… pretty much anyone that knows me knows I love chicken, I love it on the bone, and I love it hot…. Most of all I love it smothered in fiery orange buffalo sauce.

So this month was really an excuse for me to take a tour of a few of East London’s purveyors of buffalo wings and give you my humble opinion… (apologies for the slightly out of date posting of this!! I could barely lift my fingers to type after the heavy workout they were put through during Wingtober)

Part 1: MEATmarket
This is a recipe I’m well acquainted with… MEATmarket is the sister restaurant of MEATliquor and MEATmission (an ex local of mine, greatly missed from my new hood south of the river…)

I’d be lying if…

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