Budget Halloween Costumes

28 Oct

As far as budget Halloween costume  ideas go it doesn’t get any cheaper than traditional zombie, vampire or ghost.


With the right make up, spooky eyes and fangs you can wear any clothing that you already own to complete the look. I can recommend that Scarecrow Love Fangs (available at Amazon for £11 or for ebay £9) these fangs are smaller than most and glue over your own teeth with a special mixture. To begin with they were fiddly, tasted horrible and took a long time to set (I had to do one tooth all over again) but once set they lasted from 8pm – 2am when I took them out. I get the feeling they would have lasted all night so long as I didn’t eat anything! I did however buy a back up tube of denture glue for £2.89 just in case the mixture provided with the fangs didn’t work – as I had read some reviews recommending that I do that. They were really realistic; the smaller size meant they felt comfortable in my mouth after a while, although I never did quite learn to talk without a lisp! To break down the outfit costs:

– Spooky eyes £10 (last one month so can be worn continuously in the day time, or on multiple occasions)
– Fangs £8
– Fake blood £1 (large bottle will last for years)
– Clothes, make up, accessories already owned.

Total = £19


Scarecrow Lovebite Fangs

Scarecrow Lovebite Fangs

The denture paste that is provided

The denture paste that is provided

The end result

The end result


Zombie can be even cheaper, if you are willing to sacrifice some of your clothes for shredding purposes, or have an outfit in mind that seems appropriate:

– Special effect wax £5 (large tube will last for a year)
– Fake blood £1 (large bottle will last for years)
– Make up £2
– Clothes and accessories already owned

Total = £8


Model and Makeup by: Nele Knueppel

Model and Makeup by: Nele Knueppel


Zombie spookiness!

Zombie spookiness!

Special effect make-up Blogger Nele Kneppell has kindly provided a step-by-step guide to the best zombie make up:

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  1. Huw Wakeling October 29, 2014 at 9:17 AM #

    Good article – the link to Nele’s make-up guide seems to be missing though!

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