16 Oct

A bit like ‘Dry January’ Stoptober is a concept that has started to gather a bit of a following each year. The idea is that you stop smoking for a month in October, and hopefully forever. For those that cannot give it up altogether there is now a new product in the e-cig range – the disposable e-cig. Multi Cig do a range of disposables, in menthol and golden tobacco flavours ( Each one is the equivalent of around 40 cigarettes and there is no recharging required. They are tar free, odour free and can be smoked virtually anywhere, though as we all know the effects to one’s health is still yet to be determined.

The main difference that I found between the disposable cigarettes and the reusable e-cig, is that these ones are much dryer, and actually more like a smoking experience. Normal e-cigs remind me slightly of shisha, in that they are a wet vapour. All in all I would recommend that anyone trying should just quit altogether, but there is certainly a place for these in the market for those who don’t want to or simply cannot.

Readers of A Geordie Lost in London can visit and use code REV15 to receive 15% off a multiVAPE kit and the new range of flavours. (Offer available until the 16th November)

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