Halloween Interiors

15 Oct

Halloween does not have to happen but once a year, with wallpapers from Graham & Brown you can decorate your house in a gothic look all year around. My suggestion would also be to actually make your own spooky decorations using the wallpaper. Ideas are:

  • Spooky table runner (see here)
  • Backdrop: either use a poster hanger ot two canes of wood to hang the perfect backdrop onto your wall. If you don’t care about little holes, you can even use pins/wall tacs.
  • Door hanger: for the best effect hang over so it covers both sides of the door
  • Spooky rug: note this only works on linoleum floors, where you can stick down with blu tack or double sided tape!

I have tested out the skull wallpaper, it is covered in velvet, and the only word to describe it is… sumptuous. Though, at £55 a roll, it would have to be! The website does list some of their designs in a sale at £10 however they are not as spooky as the skulls or cobwebs that I would choose.

Spooky Skulls

Spooky Skulls

Creepy Cobwebs

Creepy Cobwebs

Verdict: 10/10 for quality, 5/10 for value

One Response to “Halloween Interiors”

  1. IrishReader October 16, 2014 at 12:40 AM #

    Love this. Might freak the visitors out though 🙂


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