Valentines Preparation

10 Feb


They say that the way to a mans heart is through feeding him well. Combine that with mans other favourite consumable – alcohol – and you get cocktail cupcakes! I tested three different cake types oozing spirits and fruity flavours that replicate cocktails. Not only were they delicious but the recipes are easy to follow too. “Caketails – Intoxicating Cupcakes for Grownups” by Jill Collins and Natalie Saville can be purchased at Waterstones or on Amazon and offers all of the guidance needed to make delicious cupcakes for your sweetheart.




Verdict: A yummy, boozy 9/10

If cakes aren’t your thing and you’re more of a Cookie Monster, I love these heart shaped cutters available from Asda

More important than any present on Valentines is spending quality time together. Beauty for me is if I have had time to brush my hair at the weekend, rather than my bedraggled morning look every day! This valentines I have tested Glo Minerals lipstick in Coral and will be applying in a bid to glam up for the evening. The lipstick glides on matte but due to the minerals actually glistens and sparkles. The effect is a long lasting colour with the brightness of a glossier lipstick. The lipstick costs £15 and would make a great gift to oneself, or for a treat valentines present.

Verdict: 9/10 for appearance 6/10 for value


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