Christmas for Baby

29 Nov

Buying for babies at Christmas can be tricky business. If its your own baby chances are you will be struggling to make ends meet, never mind stocking up on costly toys. If it’s for a relative or friend you have to tread carefully, choose a clothing item that is not their style and they may politely smile and never dress the little one in it! High street toys always hold the risk of duplicates, so I would always opt for something a little different. This year I recommend two great gifts. First up is the Kiddicare Woodland Musical light-up owl. It is made from an extra soft fabric with different textures to stimulate the senses. It’s also quite neutral in colour – so it should suit the tastes of most parents. When you pull the attached mushroom down it softly plays the classic Brahm’s lullaby, and the owl’s face lights up. It also has an easy to attach knot to tie onto cots and pushchairs. The owl is available from and is currently priced at £12.99 with all toys on a 3 for 2 promotion, and regular half price sales.

Verdict: Great value and very cute 8/10


Second is for expectant parents or those with new babies. ClevaMemories, is a keepsake suitcase and memory book – a real time capsule for babies and new parents to fill over time, and reopen over years to come. The suitcase itself is light, and at first it looks a bit small. However when you open it up it has handy boxes for first tooth, lock of hair, hospital I.D. band and spaces in the memory book for photographs with designated sections to write notes. I think actually all in all it is just the right amount of space. Everything within has room to personalise to your baby, and even the front can be personalised with your baby’s name using stick on letters which are included. While I have often thought how easy it would be for one to make a set like this themselves this has a certain quality about it, and is cleverly compact. And for £24.99 at Amazon I think this gift is good value – to keep those priceless memories safely stored. The memory book includes some prompts that I would never have thought of if I were to make my own for a friend so on this occasion I have to say home made is not always best! It would be the perfect Christmas gift for a new family.

Verdict: a gift to treasure 9/10


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