Remember remember the 5th November

6 Nov

Every year since moving to London I have always wanted to see the fireworks by the river. However with budget cuts last year the display was cancelled, so this was the year after reading the below blurb from the guardian online, I was even more excited:
“There are plenty of firework displays in London tonight, but the best is on Saturday. The modern Lord Mayor’s show has its roots in a tradition from 1215, when the newly elected city mayor travelled upriver to Westminster to swear his loyalty to the king. These days a flotilla still sails up the Thames, followed by a street procession, then a giant firework display. The riverside between Waterloo and Blackfriars bridges is the best place to watch the show.”
After wrapping up warm we hopped on the tube to Blackfriars – only to watch a measly 10 minute show. It was really pathetic, over in a blink and it was too crowded to even get near the river. Next year I will be heading to Alexander Palace instead.

Verdict: 2/10


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