Keeping Mam Sweet

5 Mar
The bests edible gifts

Shops are filled full of Mother’s Day goodies, ‘mum’ shaped biscuits, chocolates and cakes charged at 3x the usual value for the privilege. Much like valentines day, Mother’s Day has gone commercial and with busy lives commercial can be rather convenient – if you shop in the right places to avoid paying a fortune. My favourite sweet treats this year are from Asda, I have sampled a few if their goodies and particularly love their chocolate heart priced at £5. It is very similar to the famous Hotel Chocolate slabs, with thick milk chocolate marbled with white and pink, sprinkled with a generous helping of dried raspberries. I also love their choice of biscuits and chocolate sets, I know it’s very cheesy but something about a chocolate or biscuit in the shape to fit the occasion really does make it taste better!

Verdict: a tasty 9/10

Heart shaped chocolate £5

Heart shaped chocolate £5


Shoe chocolates £2

Shoe chocolates £2


Mum shortbread £1

Mum shortbread £1



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