Valentines Gift of the Week

8 Feb

Personalised Photo Books

For those trying to avoid a commercial valentines day, I appreciate that it can be difficult to not dismiss any personalised gift as too cheesy. This year, I challenge you to look at this a little differently. I personally cannot see how any item that I usually use in my daily life (ie candles, chocolates, plates, bowls, spoons) can suddenly be the perfect ‘dream’ gift for me just because it is red, heart shaped and double the price! At least with a photo gift you have a momento of experiences that you and your partner have shared in together, not just a valentines gimmick. 

The best photo book that I have come across to date has to be from Vista Print ( The photo uploader was very simple to use – which is most important as my past experience has been that the uploaders can be very fiddly! For any men out there just press the auto fill button et viola! a beautiful photo book is ready in seconds. I must admit that I did spend about two hours creating mine, as I wanted certain photos to be larger than others, personalised captions and everything just-so. The result of my work however, was amazing. With seemingly limitless pages (I did cheekily add extra!) a sleek glossy finish and my favourite part of all a personalised cover, the book looked very professional.

I have had spiral bound photo books in the past which have fallen apart in minutes, wheras this book is bound differently (like a normal book) and feels very sturdy – for my memories to stand the test of time in paper as well as in thought. I cannot wait to give this gift to the OH at valentines, although I do think this is a gift that is mostly for my benefit!

Verdict: A very glossy 10 / 10


Front Cover

Front Cover


The inside

The inside



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