Halloween Party Preparation

16 Oct

When it comes to Halloween ‘in’ is definitely the new ‘out’. Gone are the days where you have to queue outside an overpriced nightclub and pay a fiver for a pint, to wake up with barely any fancy dress items left and a bunch of receipts in your wallet for card transactions that you have no recollection of. Whether it is down to the recession, or the nation’s growing love of fancy dress pushing costume and decoration prices down to an all time low – I don’t care, as I for one prefer a good old party.

This week I have tried, tested, reviewed and scrutinised the ‘must have’ items for the perfect Halloween Party Host.

My favourite decorations for value this year have to be from Wilkinson Plus (www.wilkinsonplus.com) I love the spooky bunting and the very cute (oops I mean scary!) Spider Cup Cake Holders. At only £1 each I would recommend buying a few of these and scattering them around your party food table to hold delicious cupcakes!

Spider cup cake holder


My favourite product from Wilkinson is the Halloween dropping spider. it is usually £13 (£10 in the sale at the moment) and will certainly give your guests a fright. Motion sensitive, I hung mine above my door for the maximum jump factor!



Old School
Try these old school hanging bats from the National Media Museum. They are only £2 each, and a higher quality than the ones you would find in the pound shop! As one would expect from something so reminiscent of the past, you can also order in a very retro manner – by mail order on +44 (0)1274 203 448.


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