Halloween Party Food

15 Oct

The key to a rocking party is a crowd of happy guests. The drunker they are the happier they could be, but without a belly full of nibbles you may be left with queasy guests – and vomit to clear up. I would recommend laying out snacks that are high in carbohydrates to soak up that booze – but minimal in effort. Here are a few suggestions:

Domestic Goddess
If you would like to bake your own cakes, but struggle on the decoration front (as I often do) I have found the perfect item, Hunky Dory Home Halloween Cake Toppers. Simply make your own cakes and ice with these ready made toppers. (www.hunkydoryhome.co.uk/hunkycat/halloween-cupcake-toppers-p-1891.html)

Halloween Cake Toppers

10/10 for an easy life
3/10 for value

Classics – Crisps
It is not a party without crisps, and I have tested the new brand Corkers. With flavours such as sausage and mustard, and the more classic sea salt and cider vinegar they are more sophisticated than your typical cheese and onion!


Verdict: a crunchy 8/10

Halloween Hot Sauce!
Keep your guests warm by using these hot sauces as a marinade or dip. They come in a variety of heats and chilli types, from habenero to jallepenio. (www.hot-headz.com/chilli-sauce)

My personal favourite is the Halloween themed Ass Reaper! (www.hot-headz.com/chilli-sauce)

Ass Reaper!

Verdict:10/10 for chilli lovers!

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