Catch some Christmas Zzzzzz’s…

21 Dec

Catch some Christmas Zzzzzz’s…

If you have any of your Christmas budget left this week, use it to buy a last minute gift – for yourself. The week ahead involves the stresses of shopping, wrapping, relatives arriving and the pressure to prepare and cook for all of the above. Add all of that rushing around to the extra alcohol that will be consumed and it makes for an awful night’s sleep. If  you have money left over forget the extra chocs or extra presents and invest in a good pillow. TEMPUR have sent me their Original Pillow (I could give you some spiel about how it is a brand developed by NASA etc etc etc, but let’s not waste time with the details, and just think of it as a clever little pillow) to test and this week has been the perfect opportunity:

Day One: Clever little pillow feels awfully hard to the touch, I have my doubts about it but then as promised it warms to my body heat and moulds into the shape of my sleepy noggin.
Day Two: It is rather strange having a pillow that is initially hard to the touch, and I fully expected to wake up with a crick in my neck. Alas I woke up as normal, noticing no difference.
Day Three:  After the third night I noticed the absence of any aches and pains. In the cold mornings I almost always suffer from back ache, and whilst the absence of this could be coincidental I think there must be a change in how much I toss and turn.
Days Four – Seven: Nothing to report, pillow feels comfortable and the only thing different is the absence of backpain. While I haven’t woken up feeling extra refreshed, I feel that for this point alone the pillow is definitely worth it.

If you do decide to treat yourself the full range can be found at with pillows starting from £74.99 RRP.

Verdict:  A very comfortable 8/10

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