Doggie gifts!

20 Dec

Doggie gifts!

When you buy a gift for your dog it is either devoured or chewed up in ten minutes flat. This is why I am a fan of dog gifts that you can use over and over again, and that benefit you as the owner. The Dogs Trust have a new range of pet grooming products, and I decided to try the works (Shampoo, condition and spritz) on my dogs Bob and Harry.

Nice Large Bottles

The products are either fragrance free, or have natural fragrances such as basil – it is strong enough to cover up ‘wet dog smell’ but not artificial at all. The products left my muddy pooches Bob and Harry gleaming (I don’t think that they have ever been conditioned in their lives!) though they didn’t enjoy the extra five minutes in the bath! Like most of the men in my life I fear grooming is a bore for them and they would rather be off doing other things.

Shiny and Mud Free!

Effortlessly Groomed

The detangling spritz however, they loved. The extra attention, strokes and being brushed was certainly a hit (and the softness of their coat and freshness of their smell was certainly a hit with me!) The products can be ordered from and from January the full range can be picked up from Pets at Home. Prices start at £5.99, so a little pricey, but given the price of other dog shampoos out there are for much smaller bottles I still feel it is good value, and of course it is in aid of the Dogs Trust Charity which helps dogs in need.
Verdict: A super clean 9/10

Santa Bob! Ready to hit the town…

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